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  1. And of course, lots of people get excited at the start of the season and the prospect of getting a few turns. Trouble is, most people forget to reset their expectations for early season conditions.
  2. so for you whiskey drinkers, do you drink neat, with a little spring water, or on the rocks?
  3. Glenlivet is lovely, but I do prefer a more peaty whiskey like talisker or laphroaig.
  4. I like them both. Steer clear of johnny walker red label though, that stuff is awful.
  5. Talisker is an excellent drop. Have a bottle of glenlivet 15 yo French oak which is smooth an mellow, and my go to bottle is glenfiddich 12yo. I have recently been enjoying American rye whiskey, particularly in a whiskey sour or a sazerac.
  6. Just another opportunity for bono to show off his African charity work and generally be the giant douche that he is I am guessing.
  7. Really enjoying NBA 2k12 - in particular the my career mode. Looking at getting assassins creed 4, anyone played this yet?
  8. All that naked hiking through the snowy hills of Sapporo is sure to see you down to slimBeaverinho in no time
  9. I am really enjoying NBA 2k14 so far, the my career mode is pretty cool. The gameplay is very good, not much different from NBA 2k13 really, but the graphics are definitely a step up. One thing that bugs me is the way the menu is set up. So far, I haven't been able to work out how to set up a multiplayer exhibition match, which is one of the main reasons I went for this game first up - always good to have a multiplayer game handy for when friends are over. The games over here are usually around Au$100 when new, some a bit more, some a bit less.
  10. Disc. I haven't actually managed to get the PS4 out of the box yet, keep getting distracted with work stuff, then the gym, then SJ. Soon it will be playtime though, and I will offer my opinion on NBA 2k14. fwiw, EA sports NBA 2014 is having a patch released already - apparently complete rubbish game, thats why I went with the 2k game instead. I don't have my head around the US store or Aus store, so at this point i guess just the Aus store (even though I am sure I am probably paying too much for any games I do buy here).
  11. Yep, Australia. Got NBA 2K14, not sure what else to splash out on yet.
  12. Has anyone watched the Black Friday South park episodes yet? Hilarious take on the PS4 vs Xbox one "console wars".
  13. Got my PS4 today. I was on the 3rd preorder, and was told that it would probably be February before I got it, but today I got a phone call to say that some people on the first preorder had changed their minds, and if I wanted one i should get down there by the end of the day, as they had to get them gone by the end of the day (not sure why). I said sure, I will be straight there, well chuffed to have it so much earlier than expected.
  14. That looks amazing Goz, can't wait to see some video of it in action (though perhaps coming back down the hill, rather than of the hard slog uphill).
  15. One other thing to consider: If Australia still wants to assert the position that whales should not be killed for scientific research, and expect any other country or international body to take their views seriously, then culling another animal on the endangered species list would not be very helpful.
  16. Years of culling sharks in Hawaii suggests that a cull won't work. At best it won't have a significant impact, at worst it will cause people to believe that they are safer than they are. One thing that I think needs to be stopped is the use of berley in cage diving operations - I don't think its too far fetched to suggest that this practice is teaching sharks to associate humans with an easy food source. While there is currently no commercial cage diving operations in WA, in SA there are a few, and many tagged sharks have been recorded travelling from SA to the SW coast of WA (and furthe
  17. In other shark attack news, a teenaged bodyboarder was killed by a shark today near Coffs Harbour. Thoughts go out to the family and friends.
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