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  1. You can put a normal keyboard through the dishwasher (but don't put any powder in).
  2. I am concerned that the series will overtake the books - some writers block going on it seems
  3. If you were to travel all the way to Hokkaido, what about staying in Sapporo? For the skiing you could get on a shuttle from your hotel to Teine or Kokusai, but if you decide you don't really like it you will still have plenty of other things to see and do.
  4. I never liked him, but as I am not an Australian citizen, my opinion doesn't count.
  5. And perhaps you can buy a tie with a picture of Abe gambaru-ing on it, but make sure you pay extra tax for that one just to show your support of abenomics.
  6. Not sure on the date, but you should get rid of all of your cool biz clothes now, so that you can take advantage of the abetastic tax increase when the date does roll around
  7. Dumbstick, how is your garden coming along? any progress?
  8. We have now booked for Rusutsu and Kiroro in January, after not making it to the snow this year due to family commitments, I can't wait.
  9. Nothing wrong with that at all, and it sounds like you have plenty of variety, as well as off snow activities to keep things interesting.
  10. when are you booked for Snowhuntress? sounds like it will be a good holiday.
  11. Actually, for the same flights, I got a quote from a travel agent, checked the airline website and checked webjet, suprisingly, the travel agent was the cheapest by a significant margin.
  12. I was looking at flights for January a few days ago, one of the flights I was looking at popped up with a warning that only a few seats were remaining - was sapporo to hong kong. I then checked the same flights again yesterday and they had gone up by $200 each way.
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