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  1. Abbey Road zebra crossing live feed lets you watch Beatles fans piss off motorists 24/7


    People are still constantly imitating the infamous album cover

    CHRISTOPHER HOOTON Author Biography Thursday 04 September 2014


    It's been 45 years since The Beatles nonchalantly walked across the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios in London, but people are still imitating the oddly iconic album cover on what is now a grade II listed site.


    Heroically, Abbey Road provides a live feed of the crossing, seemingly for no other reason than to let bored people giggle and bang their legs with glee as motorists are ceaselessly held up by people jauntily striding the zebra stripes.


    I'm only 15 minutes into this time swallower and I've already witnessed:


    - A man walk across, then back, then back again, then spontaneously sprint across it for good measure



    - A guy placing a self-timer camera in the middle of the road with flagrant disregard for traffic


    - A lady stop mid-crossing and do an awkward semi-splits


    Others in for a marathon viewing claim to have also seen several very near road accidents along with this genius crossing in a yellow submarine costume:


    Abbey Road Studios has now started a Wall of Fame section collating the best screen grabs of the crossing.


    "Is this live?" one viewer asked on Reddit, "I was just shocked as I saw a bunch of idiots straight away."


    "It's addictive," another added. "I keep going to close it but then some moron runs out into the road and I have to watch to see if he survives the gauntlet."


    The Beatles' Abbey Road cover was previously spoofed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who crossed it naked for their Abbey Road EP, and Paul McCartney himself, who took a photo of a dog on it for one of his live albums.

  2. Everything I say is misleading to you, lol.

    I am sure people are not so stupid that they do not understand what I am saying even if it may not be to your liking.

    If it is confusing I am sure people are capable of asking me what I mean.

    While it is good to make sure things are accurate or clear most people can anyway read between the lines if something is not quite as clear and work out without too much trouble what I mean.

    But your point has been noted and I will try to make things more clear so that people will find it less confusing.

    Snowdude, saying that an iPhone is not a smartphone is like saying a hoover is not a vacuum cleaner.


    and iPhone is a model of smartphone produced by Apple, running software called ios.


    just like a Sony experia z is a model of smartphone produced by Sony running software called android.


    if that isn't clear to you, then here is some reference material for you.



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