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  1. Just in case -- you do know that Maiko is in Minamiuonuma?
  2. Perhaps just rude gossip so large grains of salt needed, but I have heard from more than one person places like Inawashiro might not make it next season.
  3. 2 weeks. I hear that, and feel rather jealous as it's not really possible in my situation. I need to retire perhaps. Have fun, sure you will.
  4. I think it makes a good day trip and a change from the more obvious places in Niigata etc. Not really the sort of place you want to be at for a week though.
  5. The effects of what is happening re: Fukushima are so different from a malfunctioning plane. Surely. In that kind of situation, it happens, we know what happens, the casualties or whatever are known and that's it. To compare that with the situation we are in now here is really stretching it.
  6. Skiing and had enjoyed a few days before March 11th. Not exactly in the mood now!!!
  7. Hi there new here. Actually I was about to sign up when this lot happened. I like in Ibaragi right in the middle of lots and lots of earthquakes. It's relentless. I haven't been here in Japan that long really and had only felt a few smallish ones before two weeks ago. The last two weeks has just been surreal and by far the scariest time I will ever experience. I was sort of coping well but have been worn down by the daily shaking - just had a few this evening - and need to leave so I will be out on Thursday after I have sorted out a few things. The heart breaks for what is happening,
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