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  1. Have no rich gaijin companys tried to 'swoop in' and buy them out for some mad price tag?
  2. Tell you what, I'm in the market for an aircon. But I walked into the shop at the weekend to be confronted by about 435,434 different models. When I said I wanted a fairly basic on that was fairly cheap, it narrowed it down to only 2,334 models. I gave up frustrated. So can someone tell me a good one to look for, seems I can get a smallish one for around 5 man. Something like that would be the ticket.
  3. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver a useless train/tram system that takes an age to get u where you wanna go and charges an arm and leg to do it Sounds like a great service!
  4. Originally Posted By: snowhuntress Glad they have finally got him. Does this mean we can now bring our troops home from Afghanistan???? They'll be home in time for supper, snowhuntress.
  5. Kyoto has some very pretty areas, scattered around a big area, but I sure wouldn't call it generally beautiful. Most beautiful city in the world?!
  6. Friendly -Japan -Korea -UK -US Not so friendly -Germany -Switzerland
  7. They mentioned that on the news last night -- no, can't really store it.
  8. I think and hope it will all calm down asap. But right now at this moment there ain't many people thinking that Japan is a great destination here in the UK where I am. Been here a week now so I think I'm qualified to say what the thinking is of 'mr average'. Quote: The Fukushima thing is a mess and will likely go on for a while, but it is no Chernobyl as it is being made out to be in the western media. But... but... but... westerners in western countries read and consume the western media.
  9. I left Tokyo about a week ago to get out of it all for a short while, got a week left but really looking forward to getting back.
  10. Those images never seem to lose any of their power.
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