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  1. Thanks all for the advice. My frens asked me to try outdoor onsens under the snow. Is there any onsen hotel or maybe just outdoor onsens to recommend in Sapporo city or which is better, in tokyo or sapporo? I am thinking of staying in an onsen hotel instead in sapporo if they are cheap or if not reasonable priced? (not 4 or 5 stars kind)
  2. Thanks for so many advices..(but 1 answer) heehee, nonetheless, Can i know if i decided to stay at Grand Chisun Hotel, is this a good location where I can do alot of shopping and see them being made?
  3. Hi, I will be staying in Sapporo for 1 day probably to do some shopping and site seeing on 1 Feb 2011. I will not be around when the ice scruptures starts on 5th Feb. Are there any other ice shows to see besides the big scale ones?
  4. Thanks guys for the great info. By the way, for the snow boots, where do you suggest I can rent or get it cheap? Do do I even haveto wear?
  5. Oh I think i misinterpret there email. What they actually meant was to take JR to Furano and take a Taxi from Furano to the Village. Sorry for confusion. However, Can I check how much will a one way JR ticket over the counter cost from Sapporo to Furano or from Ashikawa to Furano?
  6. Hi Thursday, this was an email conversation from The North Country Inn person. So What is the best way to get from Citose to Furano?
  7. Dear All. I have been trying to plan my trip to Hokkaido but transportation is the difficult part. I will arived in Haneda appx 540am. Can I check who are the cheapest domestic flights airline? I know JAL/ANA/SKymark...anyone else? Thought of travel by Japan Rail but found that trip from Haneda to Sapporo will be 22 hours? I am about to book North Country Inn in Furano Village. Their transfer will cost 2500yen per peron but they told me if I take taxi from Chitose airport to Furano which is about 90mins will only cost me 1000yen. Is this true? This is my first trip to Ja
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