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  1. I don't think I want to buy skis, as I could just have my Volkls mailed out to me from Colorado (they're pretty new skis too). Don't really want to deal with extra costs + hassles transporting skis since we're also planning on doing non-skiing stuff while in Japan, too.
  2. I'm reviving this thread to ask a question about Alpen Glow lodge. Does anyone know if Alpen Glow has vegetarian options for breakfast/lunch? I've emailed them and they haven't gotten back to me.
  3. Thanks, powman. Do you know if the Prince hotel will rent to anyone, or only its own guests?
  4. Hey guys, I've searched for a topic about this but didn't find one. Is there anywhere in Shiga Kogen to rent high end powder skis? I've contacted the two hotels I'm considering staying at (Alpen Glow and Villa Alpen), but Alpen Glow won't respond to my emails and Villa Alpen told me they don't have any powder skis. I'm from Colorado, currently living in Taiwan, and back home I would ride on Volkl Gotamas and am wondering if I can find anything similar in Shiga. Or, am I better off renting in Tokyo?
  5. Also: how reliable is the snow in Japan? Is it really considerably better in Hokkaido, or is the snow quality/quantity pretty consistent/awesome on the main island as well?
  6. Sweet, thanks for the advice everyone. I'm thinking at this point I'll probably do some more research on the main island mountains and go from there.
  7. Do you mean for skiing + lodging + food or just lodging? hehe, if you mean just lodging then yeah we'd never be able to afford that and even as a package deal that's probably pushing it... 1 man = 10000 yen, correct? Is it impossible to avoid crowds during CNY? Would we be better off trying to get some other time off? We get CNY off from work but we also have a few other days to use...
  8. Hey guys, My girlfriend and I recently moved to Taiwan from Colorado and are thinking about heading to Japan during Chinese New Year to do some skiing. We're a bit broke so will probably only be able to afford like 4-5 days skiing, then hand out some in Tokyo, Kyoto etc. Anyway, there are so many resorts in Japan! I've done some research and have come across the big names, but I was hoping you guys could give me some first-hand recommendations based on the following criteria: 1. Not too expensive. Ideally, we'd like to ski somewhere that dumps snow (which seems the norm fo
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