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  1. Real shame to hear this. Thanks very much to you SJ guys for all your work over the years. I've enjoyed being a member and posting on the forums. It's a shame to lose touch with people, and miss out on possible meet ups on the slopes.
  2. Will be predominantly at the K Pass hills. Teine and Racey mostly. Rustsu a good few times (plus a 3 day stay over Christmas), and Nakayama for spring park sessions. Plus, like Tubby, Kiroro and Kokusai are on the list. The odd trip to Asahikawa thrown in the mix for Kamui, Furano and the Daisetsuzan ropeways plus backcountry. My last winter in Hokkaido, I hope to make the most of it! Seemore, our paths will cross at Rusutsu at Christmas and Teine at New Year. Hope to run in to you (not literally!) Give us a shout if you're heading to Racey! (Might not be amazing in December as it
  3. Definitely neither steep enough nor gnarly enough for it to be Granview! Tubby has got it, genius! It's Kamoi-dake, in Utashinai/Takikawa area. That's Sunagawa coal power station in the foreground. A really beautiful addition to the rural Hokkaido skyline.
  4. Is that Kamui? Nope, not Kamui..... Guess the ski jo? (If no one bites, I'll just tell you where it is in a few hours!)
  5. Beautiful day here today, so beautiful views of the mountains after the snowfall earlier in the week Classic Japan, power lines in the way!
  6. Yeah Furano got a layer of snow today. Most places in west/central Hokkaido got at least a few flurries.
  7. Thanks Ger and Ethan. Yeah, really stunning area that isn't really that well known. If you get the chance to visit, go for it!
  8. Went for a hike up Sandanyama in the Tokachidake area today. Few photos Daisetsuzan range from the road in Tokachi-dake Kamihorokametokku-yama just about visible through a break in the clouds
  9. I think Thanksgiving is late November? (Google tells me it's the 27th) Should be a few of the Hokkaido ski areas open. Sapporo Kokusai, Rusutsu, Hirafu, Furano, maybe Teine. Those early days are always fun, just because its great to be back on snow after the summer, but the snow is rarely great! As long as you're not expecting powder like in the movies, I'd say it'd be worth it for a day or two if you tied it in with something else. Probably not worth making the trip up here just for the snowboarding though.
  10. Hiked Teine today and got incredible views all the way up to Asahidake and the rest of Daisetsuzan. Also could see the summit of Yotei. Daisetsuzan range with the city in the foreground Close up on Asahidake (bit blurry as the camera was at full zoom!) The summit of Yotei Birds eye view of the old ropeway and Highland area of Teine
  11. This is Ashibetsu-dake, just to the south west of Furano. Taken this afternoon
  12. Osorezan was really cool. A big temple / monastery type building surrounded by mountains and next to a very blue lake. There is volcanic activity there so the place smells of sulphur and there's large areas of smoking rocks and bubbling/steaming pools etc. Quite sombre too as there are many offerings etc left by families of dead children. It's isolated, so not a huge number of visitors were there. Obviously its a touristy spot, but didn't feel like it, only one small omiyage shop/restaurant and you're able to move around freely and explore the site which is nice.
  13. Just got back from a great trip to Aomori. The Shimokita Peninsula isn't particularly well known, but it is a really interesting area to visit. (If you have your own transport - there are very few buses or public transport options!) A few photos from the long weekend: Heading up into the hills after getting the ferry from Hakodate to Oma Sunset from Kawauchi on the southern coast of the peninsula. Looking over the Mutsu Bay Temple and volcanic lake at Osorezan in the central mountains of Shimokita Autumn colours in the Yagen Valley At Oma Misaki, the northernmo
  14. Just used the Hakodate to Oma ferry for a trip to Aomori this past long weekend. I haven't used the Hakodate to Aomori ferry before though. All the ferries I've used in Japan have been clean, had a shop to buy snacks, beers, souvenirs etc, and most have a restaurant serving the basic noodles and curry rice etc, the longer ferry routes have more to offer. Unless you're travelling with a car, the ferry ports are often quite inconvenient in terms of location and forward transport options. Also, it's worth considering that if it's a winter trip, the weather across the straits is very unpredic
  15. Yep, it closes mid season. From Asahikawa, Furano is also an option. As is touring around Tokachidake?
  16. Looked really good fun. And good training too as they were skating back up the hill after they finished each run!
  17. I was out on a closed road yesterday and saw a group of guys who were obviously training for the ski season.
  18. Honestly? This is happening again?! SJ chaps, a site suggestion, why not create a separate forum for Go Native and Snowdude to argue themselves round and round in circles to their hearts' content?
  19. I'm planning another cycling/camping trip to Honshu, so thought I'd ask for info and advice again from the great SJ knowledge bank. Looking at a short trip, probably 4 days in mid October when there's a public holiday on a Monday. We'll take the ferry from Hakodate down to Aomori and then return by ferry from Oma at the northern tip of the Shimokita Peninsula, north of Mutsu. Hoping for some nice quiet riding, hills, coasts and some autumn colours. Has anyone done that part of Aomori? It looks interesting and probably a part of Japan that not too many people visit. Sounds like some nice o
  20. Thanks Mick. Yeah, I fully accept that I'm not a Club Granview member. I'm just happy that I had a chance to see the mythical place with my own eyes, if only from the base. Maybe in a few years, when I'm really ready, I'll ascend to the summit and claim my spot on the select list of SJ members who have actually conquered Mt Granview.
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