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  1. Originally Posted By: snowhuntress Hi Jenny Good Luck with keeping everyone under control!! Looking at the info here, there seems to be very little that needs to be kept under control! Every now and again there is an outbreak of spam that gets through, I think I might just be needed for that every so often. Anyone messing around and being overly annoying as happens every so often I will leave to my more experienced colleagues, don't like the look of having to deal with such nonsense! Currently planning my weeks in Japan for this winter... where to go where to go...!
  2. Thanks! What am I playing with? Nothing really, I'm not technical at all. I'm just helping out with some cover from the a different time zone just checing to make sure there's no problems... that kind of thing. I spent 2 months in Niseko a few years ago and mostly Nagano other than that.
  3. Hi, I'm just going to be helping out with some things on the Forums.
  4. Hi there I'm Jenny and I'm new helping out here. I'm based in the UK for most of the year but have spent anywhere between 3 weeks and 3 months in Japan in winter over the last 15 years. Good to be here anyway.
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