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  1. I didn't know how to drive when I went to Japan in 2003, but this time around I did and I was shocked on the highway from the airport to Osaka - I mentioned to Mr Minty "are the speed limit signs in Mph?" and eventually we confirmed with someone that no, they aren't, they are in kmph - everyone just speeds really badly.
  2. Wow, that is insane. I thought cyclones were scary I feel terrible for them - what is the attraction of living in tornado alley if the tornados are getting so frequent? It's mostly farm land isn't it, but there are cities through there right. I don't really know much about that part of the USA so any info or insight is new to me
  3. His shoes are a bit muddy???! At least in Japan the people asleep on the floor of trains and subways don't smell obscene
  4. Well, we found the Nintendo game cube and it still works, so we've had some friends over and been playing that. But today we finally did some stuff - and we still have half the day to go, yay! We actually only unpacked our ski bag today! (had both sets, jackets, pants, hats etc in it) I couldn't believe how dry everything was - nothing smelt musty, mold free, rust free. I'm stoked! We're moving our bedroom into the study (and study into the bedroom) today because our fireplace in the bedroom will be removed soon and it's easier to cover up the computers than our bedroom mess. So far
  5. Ok, Mallet golf course. I actually enjoyed it for just warming up, I had a few problems with my calf muscles while we were there so it was always nice to have that cruisey little run to warm up on. Mr Minty hates it.
  6. lol, you sound like Mr Minty and I - we have a whole room dedicated to junk, and the rest of the house isn't that much better. We're going to get a skip soon, yus
  7. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Originally Posted By: MintyNZ RAWR Angry Tired of how SELFISH people are. Tired of insomnia, tired of an AS hitting 10 minutes before my alarm every other morning. oh, and HAPPY for TB grats! Who is selfish, Minty? Just certain people who don't like me very much, so have essentially tried to prohibit their partners from being friends with Mr Minty. Their excuse: their EQ experience was worse than mine and I'm a "vindictive *itch" Originally Posted By: muikabochi Still getting lots of aftershocks then, Minty? Yeah, we had one tod
  8. We used to use black council bags here in Chch, absolutely hated them - always felt like you ran out the night before the rubbish collection. They were about $1 each I think, so $52/year, it does start to add up, and that's based on only 1 bag per week too. Submit a petition for reusable plastic bins, they are amazing, and because you're restricted on how much you can throw out you really rethink your rubbish habits - we recycle so much more now.
  9. You're in chch right? Does that place on Linwood ave - brewers friend or something sell it? They seem to have a fairly good range of winemaking products. I'll have a better look tomorrow (royal wedding is starting omg!) - I'll also ask a friend if their winery has any spare. When do you need it by?
  10. OMG! Reading FRENZY! I'm about to start my fifth Raymond E. Feist book in 10 days. They're just vanishing, how is this happening? It could be one per day if I didn't make myself do other stuff. Honestly, compared to all my clavells recently this is a bit scary fast.
  11. RAWR Angry Tired of how SELFISH people are. Tired of insomnia, tired of an AS hitting 10 minutes before my alarm every other morning. oh, and HAPPY for TB grats!
  12. I don't like summer much, but I like cold summers even less (unless it's cold because I'm in the opposite hemisphere and it's winter!) - so yay for you guys that you should get a decent summer! We're setting in for a long cold winter to match our long hot summer, I saw this fantastic article recently, written by someone who knows lots about snow sports and tourism. http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/4911859/South-Island-tourism-hurting my favourite bit is the caption "EMPTY SEATS: Queenstown has reported a significant slump in tourist numbers since the February 22 Christchurc
  13. I think it was the main gondola had some damage, and the golf course covered quad. Which one is fixed? I'm glad to hear they're ending the season on a high note
  14. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Minty, howyagoin ! Southern season is the start of the 2011~12 Sorry mate, no splitting hairs. I reckon we start the season earlier DownUnder. I'm cool with that, I guess 9 days for me last season, dammit hope to break double digits this coming season. Thanks SKI - yeah I'm getting there. Had a bit of a bad run but I had my last physio appt today (yus! didn't have to get my disc shaved!), and my stomach seems to have healed up nicely from the op. House is getting more and more broken but what can I do hey
  15. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Re: The Mag2 in Perth. I think I understand Pete, being a fellow Perth resident and Japanophile. Having been pretty focused on the sad goings on of our friends in Japan, and being tectonically stable ourselves I rolled my eyes, dropped my jaw and then pissed myself laughing at the stupidity of a Mag 2 (that may well have been just a sonic boom) making news in Perth. It is not having a giggle at Japan's expense - it is having a giggle at the ridiculousness of THAT making news in the light of the very serious situations going on elsewhere. MB you
  16. Originally Posted By: JellyBelly Wonder if they actually stayed in NZ? How much of the country was affected by it? Showing my ignorance here. I'm sure they would have stayed for a while - only really Christchurch and Banks Peninsula were badly affected - there would have been some damage in other parts of Canterbury, but not enough for towns to close up shop the way we did.
  17. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Sounds like a long holiday! When was the earthquake in NZ? Then they were next in Japan for March 11? 22nd of feb for us. so that's roughly two weeks in NZ before going to Japan. I found it quite interesting that they went to so many parts of Australia!
  18. That poor couple had quite bad timing really! We went to Japan for ours
  19. Hey Metabo, I have to say, the Japanese USAR team were amazing here in NZ, I saw them walking back from working one evening and everyone on the street was having a good clap Our USAR guys weren't in Japan for long unfortunately - I believe they were camping in the snow and after working in chch for so long it was all a bit much. We are coping ok but everyone is affected. We're heading into winter now so a bit nervous. The cracks in the roads in the video are on the big side, but the house damage is pretty standard I feel a bit like our quake is old hat e
  20. I hope this helps the SJ forumers in Japan who are a bit anxious about the future. There is a future, it's uncertain and it could be years before you're back to normal. Right now learn to live in the "new normal" I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. It's the second largest city in NZ, but it's pretty small - everyone knows everyone and the tallest building in the CBD was about 25 stories - small bikkies compared to "real cities" I never really wanted to live here, but I love my husband and I agreed to stay. On the night of Sept 4th 2010, we awoke to hear a roaring noise - literally
  21. I was just reading a post made by someone in Tokyo - upset that forum members were joking about a 2.0 in Perth. It made me think about the perception that others have looking in on a disaster zone. It also made me think about the on going effects of a catastrophe on your body, your psyche, your home and family, and your lifestyle. I think that it is important to share your experience - what happened to you, where you were, was everyone you know ok, has your heartrate returned to normal yet, what was the first thing that made you smile again, what makes you cry still, what made you feel us
  22. I feel ok joking about a mag 2 in Perth, and I think it's a bit off telling everyone off for joking about it. I live in Christchurch - and actually I'm going to start a new thread rather than explain here the effect the quake has had on me - and it doesn't upset me if people joke about Perth having a 2.0, and I'm sure that most people affected by the Japan quake + aftershocks + tsunami wouldn't be too upset by it either. It's Perth ffs, it is funny. EQs and the ensuing ASs wind everyone up so bloody tight, and people need to relax and have a sense of humour about it - or else you'll
  23. Originally Posted By: JA Time for Mr Minty to get himself a cow and learn to milk it. Then youse will all know what milk should taste like! Funny that, we're going to stay at a friends dairy farm this weekend!
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