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  1. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain Forward lean for me really depends on what I'm planning on doing. Heading into the park I usually don't have any forward lean. Flying down the hill I usually have both feet leaning forward at the same degree. The bindings I have make it really easy to adjust in a hurry. Another reason I really like forward lean for free riding is that it forces you into a better boarding posture. You've got to bend your knees more and lower you center of gravity a bit. Stance angle is similar. Park I usually go for more of a duck stance. Free ride I have my back f
  2. Originally Posted By: Mantas I chose NZ over Oz last year. Cost wise is about the same for one week when you add on airfares. If you go for two weeks then it works out a little cheaper in NZ. Didn't really know that, might look into it myself though I don't have 2 weeks to play with.
  3. I like to try and find out as many new places as possible though spending your time traveling is a waste too. Hoping to check out Nozawa, Shiga Kogen and Myoko in January. Depending on a few things that might just end up being two of them.
  4. Hi At last it looks like our trip is going to be possible in January. Last year were were wiped out by exchange rates and general lack of enough funds! Got a question about Nozawa and Shiga Kogen. Do the slopes get packed out? And which is usually the better in terms of crowds on peak days? Cheers!
  5. We were originally planning to visit Japan last season but it just got too expensive. Planning now for a January 2011 trip. Hope to get a bit in before then here in Aus.
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