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  1. Not fixed up yet. Likely be - 5 or 6 days somewhere, and about 6 or 7 weekends, preferably long ones. Maybe a few weekday daytrips.
  2. "Gaikokujin manner mondai" (Problems with foreigners manners) just on the tv news here now how Tsukiji has been hitting the news recently. I can never get up early enough. And the smell of fish that early on. Doesn't sound good to me.
  3. I had good experiences in Switzerland. Wonderful place was the over-riding impression I got.
  4. I've never got up to Hokkaido though I really want to. both in winter and summer. perhaps next season is the time.
  5. My season went something like this 2 days Nozawa 1 day Hunter 4 days Hakuba 2 days Yuzawa 1 day Tenjin 1 day Kagura so. 11.
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