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  1. Thanks for the response guys...to Mr. wiggles is Winghills in Gifu near Osaka? Does this resort have have a snow slide for kids? Thanks.
  2. Guys I think some of you are missing the point...if you'll look again at my post then you'll see that it says "Wont really be skiing but a snow slide for kids is a must" The reason for the post is coz me and my family wanna go to a ski resort that HAS a ski slide/tubing for kids. I know about the ski resorts in Nagano and others but my group are all beginners...in fact none of us know how to ski. So whats the point of going to a great ski resort like the ones in Nagano when we dont know how to ski. We just wanna go to a place NEAR Osaka where the kids can play in the snow...that is why I poste
  3. Hi...will be in Osaka next week. From what Ive gathered so far it seems that Biwako valley is the nearest snow resort to go to from Osaka. Is this a nice resort to go to? Wont really be skiing but a snow slide for kids is a must.
  4. From what Ive read so far Hachi is nice but the problem is its far from Osaka. I want someplace thats only about 1 hour away...dont want it to be a whole day activity.
  5. Thanks for the info...about Rokko...how does one go there? Also from what Ive read its artificial snow?
  6. Thanks for the info guys...what about Biwako Valley in Otsu Shiga? Is this also near?
  7. Hi...Ill be in Osaka this December. Can anyone suggest a good ski resort that kids will enjoy snow slides or snow sleds? Someplace thats close to Osaka by train. Thanks.
  8. Are there any rental shops in the Echigo-Yuzawa area where one can rent the snowsuits? i.e. jacket and pants?
  9. This question is for RobBright or for anyone who can help. I cant choose between Iwappara or Naspa. I like them coz its near Tokyo. Which of them has a better kids sled/slide park? My kids dont know how to ski yet so I want them to have fun on the Ski sled/slide slope. Thanks...
  10. Ive checked and the name in Iwappara for kids is Kizzupaku...which is better compared to Naspa kids garden?
  11. Yes I'll try and let them get lessons. I just wanna be sure that theres a ski sled/slide for kids just in case they dont enjoy the traditional ski.
  12. Still small..9 and 6 years old. Im looking for resorts that have those ski slides where kids sit on a sled or rubber inflatable thing and slide down a ski slope.
  13. Hi...Im thinking of taking my kids to the Echigo Yuzawa area coz its near Tokyo. All of us are non skiers. Is there a resort in the Yuzawa area that have those snow sled or slide for kids? Thanks.
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