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  1. Niseko bus and Donan run regular services from around 8 in the morning. the Night bus starts at 5pm in Hirarfu and 6pm in Kutchan
  2. I started wearing one when my kids started to ski as I wanted them to wear one. More concerned about them getting hit after they had hit the ground as I had never used one. Then the only doctor that I ski with started to wear a helmet and now a helmet is just part of the gear - bonus is it keeps your head warm but not too hot plus when you miss judge a tree branch they help.
  3. If you have not found it yet this is a good site to work connections out with http://www.hyperdia.com/
  4. From Osaka we got train to Shin-kobe then there was a connecting train to Kobe - Port Liner.
  5. Giorglo there is a direct ferry service between the two airports. easy to do
  6. I also have to agree I have travelled to Niseko a number of times with the family and believe one of the best aspects of the resort are the local people. If the actions of a few spoil this then it needs to be stopped. When travelling I teach my kids that you have to respect the local culture and behaviours. Unfortunately these few morons think that they are untouchable and they have no respect for other people or cultures. If they get locked up or deported it will only make it better in the future.
  7. My kids where initially taught to ski without poles. apparently allows them to concentrate on getting body position right without distraction. Once they had that mastered they moved them to steeper slopes and poles.
  8. + 1 for welcome to Japan fares. If flying from OZ on Qantas you get the oneworld Yokoso fare and if Jetstar then you have to use the welcome to Japan fare. Most travel agents are not aware of them so link to JAL site. http://www.jal.co.jp/yokosojapan/ ANA also have one that I think is called visit to japan fare that is 13,650 yen
  9. I have found that in Japan the snow falls off rather than melts. I treat the gear after washing but it may or may not need it. Back in Oz I use my new jacket on nice days but when the weather turns go back to the trusty ancient unfashionable gortex that works in anything.
  10. Hi all - 1st post and getting ready to pack Mamabear also looking at radios for the kids - as they start to venture out with friends on their own. how strong are the ones you got and are you getting good reception / distance.
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