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  1. The cultural Visa is a bit risky. Plus you have to prove enrollment in that subject of study. Not many companies really want to touch that type of Visa. The money has to be paid under the table. The company I work for is quite good. We get pay raises, pension contributions, commuting insurance coverage and unemployment benefits. The lady that runs the company though would have our heads if we brought in a cut and run person.
  2. Only a a full time job will give you the Visa you want. You are looking at a 5 day a week job.
  3. The main job market season is opening soon for English jobs. Still a hard market compared to the pre Nova implosion.
  4. Something like 200000 bucks of investment might get you a business visa. Americans are SOL when it comes to easy Visas.
  5. You really only have the English option. Im an ALT in Matsumoto, so I know nothing about jobs in Hokkaido. I have seen Gaijin pot advertise for northern Hokkaido in recent email updates. There are many new VISA laws now though. I'm not sure how well you can quit a job to just ski bum or work as an instructor though. I had to prove that I was paying into the insurance system recently. My company actually pays part of it which is lucky they did all the paperwork for me. Black Diamond I dont want proof. I want help to plan a future trip to Hokkaido. I cant afford a guide so some help would b
  6. You will do fine with your money at 13000 bucks. Make sure to tell the bank that you are going to be in Japan. Bring cash for when your cards dont work. Set a credit card to act like a debit card.
  7. A Uni degree will get you around a 250000 yen a month job. search gaijin pot if you really want to go this route. Americans have very limited choices for Visas. Black diamond we always hear about Hokkaido having steep terrain somewhere. No one shows it so come on show it.
  8. Cortina doesnt open untill december. There will be almost no lifts running in Hakuba it is maintence season. The lifts open on the 28th whether or not there is snow for the hikers. There is plenty of high mountain snow. If you are keen to ride go to tateyama.
  9. There are many resorts that do ski cuts to control closed terrain. Some even use fireworks or gassex systems. Still most of those areas are still closed.
  10. If you want park I would not go to Kagura. I would go to naeba or okutadami when its open. Also joestu kokusai isnt half bad. Also consider a long trip to Gifu ken and hit Takasu snow park for a good J park
  11. Japan is a Visa free travel country. Getting a work Visa though is not easy. This is a bad sugjestion but your best way in might be to teach English. Also look at some of the resort maps and see what you want to ski. This country gets 400 to 550 inches of snowfall in most areas. Snowfall is really the least of your problems in Japan.
  12. For monthly accommodation you better start searching now. The best resorts for monthly accommodation are Hakuba and Niseko. Nozawa might have some monthly deals, Im not sure. Yuzawa might have monthly deals as well but I personally wouldn't choose Yuzawa for a season. One of the best day trip places in Japan though for sure. The working holiday Visa helps. I would get into Japan right away and just choose one resort. 13000 bucks is a lot of money. I know Nagano better than elsewhere so here is a break down for what I know. I think it will work for some other places. Again one resort is b
  13. Take the bindings off. Head to the post office and ask to to check the cost. Sending it via EMS or land will be cheapest depending on certain factors. I sent something back home to the states and ems was 850yen cheaper than by land and 2 weeks faster. It really depends on the weight size.
  14. 47 will have the black diamond program again. The tree areas have been prepared taking out snags etc. Cortina is another question? The DBD program has been over for a long time. There is talk of Cortina opening the trees again this season. Other people know more about this. Tsugaike had a dbd program but since the avalanche that killed 2 girls it has been closed. Still riding those old dbd trees rarely gets you into trouble. If you venture into the slide paths though you can catch some flak and rightly so. Happone just doesn't have the man power to patrol anything. Pretty
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