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  1. The thinking now is that they were climbing and a cornice broke and took the group down.
  2. least buried person 3 about 1 meter down most buried person 3 meters. The reports will come out on the JAN website at some point let them piece it together. It did release on a faceted layer that was quite hard that report is out there on JAN.
  3. The reports are starting to come online for this accicent. I helped call in the Helicopter for a friend that was a first responder. I can only asume what happened but I dont truly know so I wont go into it. It was a stressfull time that day as the first phone call I got was from Evergreen Outdor Center saying that my best friend involved in some sort of Avalanche. I cant stress enough how gutted I was for a few seconds. I quickly called him and he picked up. He informed me that there was a very big avlanche and people are buried. That he didnt know how many but please get me a helicopter. AC
  4. Karasawa is as good as it is made out to be. How you get there though is not fun.I took my twins to Iwatake Happo and 47 yesterday ill put up a report tomorrow.
  5. best time of the year to just hike something for great shots muika.
  6. anything is better than meetings. Off to ski iwatake happo and Goryu with the kids today but I wish I couldve have hiked for sure.
  7. Fought the wind yesterday to get up to Mumezawa got to ski some spring powder in the chutes good first day off of work! Couldnt re-climb up with the wind and clouds coming on so skied down to kuzuresawa. 1300 vertical meters of pow equals a good day.
  8. Not much can be done about the pictures with a smart phone
  9. tons left like 3 months or more skiing is more than just one condition.
  10. Run 2 was Mumezawa proper. Great packed powder the whole way. Fear the wind hammered areas. Cant believe the wind this year. Was quite happy that my school had a sports day on the only day it wasnt windy in 10 days. Run 3 was down Oshidashi awesome packed powder so easy to ski but didint take a picture because I had to traverse away. Run 4 the lower triangle best corn of the day really easy to play and slash.
  11. That time of the year to get some solid lines with some effort. 1000 vertical meters climbed link 4 solid lines together over 4 hours. very burned forehead opps! Run 1 South mumezawa area nice chute that only appears every so often.
  12. Really the best way to make riding friends is to kind of stick to one area.
  13. Bad news glide cracks can be very dangerous. They can form at any time really.
  14. Here is a cut and past from a blog on TGR it is a very important read about what is happening with the modern beacons. If Sj says ok I would like to provide a link to the site because it has videos of what is going on. Play safe out there. Not my article. The International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) is held every two years in a major mountain region of the world. It is regarded by snow science professionals as a top conference, bringing researchers and practitioners together to report on experiments, exchange theory and share their experiences in the field to better understand the s
  15. If you love it then dont let money stop you. budget and save. I know people with old splits if you want some information.
  16. Sorry but Cat skiing isnt meant to be for all people. It is priced high for a reason. A good used Cat will be 100000 dollars. Reapairs are not cheap. The experience is limited to certain numbers a day to save the snow. at 6500 yen a pop they were using the Cat more like a lift than a shuttle bus for a small group.
  17. i know people that spend 20 to 30 k a season on either helis or cats. They want that type of skiing and service.
  18. No one will do it super cheap it is hard to do a good job at it and still make money.
  19. Cat Sking was once cheap it isnt anymore. Youll never be taken to the goods on a one day tour if the guide doesnt know you.
  20. As mike said only time will tell but 6500 was way too cheap Cats are expensive both to buy and maintain. 35000 seems about the norm for cat sking. Your first day in a cat and you wont hit any really great slopes. The guides will not trust your word at all. So for a one day cat I think it isnt priced badly.
  21. Takasu snow park Dynaland wings All close for renting a car would work easy too.
  22. I have taken more Avi courses than I care to remember. Most likely im one of the most experienced on this forum have been skiing Backcountry since 1996. You write so much I not going to waste my time reading something that long. I gave up after 30 secs. Im done Ive made my points. You dont have the education or knowledge to post which rope is ok to duck.
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