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  1. Jet* do their discounts generally for flights a few months away, so yeah a few months ago booked my 2for1 December tickets to Tokyo for about $AU420 (my sister coming along too). I'd just go with Jet* now, usually tickets just get more expensive closer to the date.
  2. I love the title of this thread: 'provoked'!! Dad invested in Dinner Plain in Australia, which got us a week there each year (15 mins from Hotham).
  3. Hahaha i'm fairly sure Australia has made enough agreements to keep me going for ~10 years
  4. Originally Posted By: fukdane We only care if you promise to upload tons of pics to this site/forums during the season. Will do! Visa was quite easy to organize, no fees involved and no huge wait times. For Australians, the Consulate-General in your particular State are the people to talk to (there is info on the Japanese embassy to Australia site but it doesn't have all the forms etc). So for Queenslanders, head over to http://www.brisbane.au.emb-japan.go.jp/Services/visa.htm for info.
  5. Can't believe that, as an Australian, I've never been to NZ. Its such a gorgeous place.
  6. Definitely considering it. My sister swears by her helmet... does it make things hard to hear at all?
  7. I thought I would give an update on my progress (in case anyone cares ) I have organised a working holiday visa, as well as accomodation in Niseko for the season (for which I got very lucky - accomodation in exchange for 30 hours per month work). I also have tickets booked for Tokyo in early December. Which leaves: Getting from Tokyo to Niseko! I'm thinking I might book a plane to Sapporo and catch a train to Kutchan (and then I understand shuttle busses run to Niseko?). I also have to organise a snowboard on the way there (I've only rented gear in the past), and I think S
  8. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Low visibility really throws me off when I'm on snowboard. I become a noob. I just don't have enough experience. Whilst skiing I learnt to feel through my feet and generally I'd be skiing with my big toe. Yeah, old school stuff ... But I'm on snowboard now and that's like heel to toe and with only one edge it's not easy when you can't see bumps and crud. I find with low visibility you have to crouch super low to the ground (lower than usual) so unseen bumps don't throw you too much. See the "getting in shape" thread for why this is a problem .
  9. Haven't tried this but I keep meaning to give it a shot. I agree that one bud would probably be best to listen out for warnings, and I'll probably give it a whirl next time I'm on the slopes with one bud. Though I can definitely see it becoming a distraction. Even though I'm beyond having to keep my full concentration on the terrain to stop falling over, I like to be aware of my surroundings, watching out for potential jumps or people I know etc.
  10. I am running about 2kms a night (used to be running/walking about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I'm definitely improving and it's mostly running now) and hitting the gym machines 2-3 times a week for 30-40mins on top of that. Hitting up a protein shake after each gym session. Should probably get into some squats and lunges as I hear they're great for snowsports. Last time I went to the snow for a week my legs were just devastated, had to take a break every 20 mins or so on the slopes. I definitely don't want that happening again.
  11. Haha, I have been to ski fields in Europe before... but you're right, Australian resorts are pretty horrible. Yeah realised the topic of "How is Hakuba?" had probably been covered before now about 2 seconds after I hit 'post'... sorry for going over old territory!
  12. Update: On everyone's advice, I have sent off a bunch of emails with my resume and a covering letter, and have gotten a couple of leads (fingers crossed!) On the accommodation side of things, how easy is it to get relatively cheap seasonal accommodation in a place like Niseko? I know on the Australian ski fields rooms are expensive and generally pretty shitty. Do most companies provide staff accommodation, or is it really hard to get a place to stay for the season, and do I have to start organising something now? Had a look at the hostel prices and they seem fairly reasonable (about
  13. Thanks so much for the help guys. Yeah don't think visa will be a problem. Has anyone got the contacts for some of the bigger companies in Niseko I might wanna get in contact with? Once again, thanks heaps for the help everyone.
  14. Cool, thanks for all the comments guys. Will email around and see if I can line anything up. Not too fussed with Niseko at the moment (just seems like a really beautiful place with not too much congestion on the slopes) so if anyone has any other recommendations I'd love to hear them, especially if its easier for a predominantly english speaking guy to land a job in those places.
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