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  1. I like to urn my terns. Though that probably belongs in the Monkey in a Bucket thread.
  2. Just watched the same foursome of idiots cross back and forth at least 3 times.
  3. Free? Is that common? I know the Prince resorts have kids free, but didn't realize it was widespread. Well, I guess it's not widespread where I go.
  4. Ski areas are not the only ones who charge less for kids, though. Kids' meals, clothing, gear, and accommodations are all generally cheaper than those for adults.
  5. It used to be that after 10 years, shaken went from every other year to yearly. That changed a few years ago (don't remember exactly when), and yes, now the only car-age difference is the 13-year tax increase (Bar Mitzvah present, if you will). But still, that tax increase is less than 10%, so doesn't in itself justify buying a new car. A bigger factor (for me, at least) would be mileage/燃費. A hybrid SUV or minivan would seem ideal to me for ski trips.
  6. For those of us too lazy, what exactly is Groupon? Some kind of coupon...thing?
  7. How about fishing? I see 9500 yen/head for a day out on a boat, for example.
  8. Are they skiers/boarders? Sayama will be opening soon, and Yeti even sooner. Or plastic slopes at Marunuma or Gala. Otherwise, what kind of people are they? What would they be into?
  9. Does that mean I have to dye my hair purple again? I don't think that would look so good on me any more. Oh well, better go get to work cutting the sleeves off all my t-shirts.
  10. Disappointing that they couldn't have jacked up the price while they were at it. Certainly would have been worth it for the convenience. Elsewhere in the dairy aisle, noticed that Tokachi Smart Cheese comes in 8-packs now, instead of 12-packs.
  11. Nice! I really want to visit Osorezan some time. What was it like?
  12. You'd think sharks would be a little more fleet-footed. Maybe those lasers are really heavy.
  13. It is not, most definitely not, a fan, which would be illegal to distribute during a political campaign. It is merely informational material in the entirely coincidental shape of a fan. Although should one interpret it as a fan, one is free to use it as such. Hard to do the Monty Python-esque dialogue justice by just describing it, so here is the original (picture John Cleese as Ren Hou, and Michael Palin as Matsushima Midori): Summary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8b5-Z3nBC8 Uncut: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNszbfjSJEQ
  14. I dunno, looks kind of like a deluxe portable toilet on wheels. Now if it had caterpillar attachments so it could climb non-lift-accessed terrain...
  15. I think any of those would be big enough to keep me entertained for 3 days, but the largest of course is the town of Yuzawa, which includes about 20 different ski areas. Within Yuzawa, Kagura/Naeba alone would even be sufficient.
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