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  1. Thanks Norcal...Great to know!! Now you guys have my wheels turning trying to figure out how I can take him along. It would save me quite a bit in kennel costs if I could.


    It's tough. We took our pup via that ferry, which was the easy part. (Though would have been easier if our dog were trained to pee on pet sheets. Instead, she stubbornly held out until we disembarked and she found grass.) Finding hotels/lodges/pensions where we could stay with pet in tow was much more difficult.


    But you're visiting your in-laws, right? Surely they are not pet-haters?

  2. They probably don't care whether they make or lose money on the transaction, and are just trying to weaken the yen by buying foreign assets. I think that is one of the three arrows, isn't it?


    (The other two being surprise, fear, and ruthless efficiency... oh, wait.)

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