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  1. Sad to see the forums go, but I understand what a time and energy sink the management must have been to the SJ crew. I'm sure I would not have lasted so long in their shoes! Thanks for the memories and the great community over the years. See you all out on the slopes.
  2. Some plastic surgery and a forged passport, you should be golden, Ipps.
  3. A Mid-Summer Day's Snova. Which I credit with curing my fear of kickers once and for all, because there is F-all else to do there...
  4. May actually end up making the pilgrimmage myself soon. Don't tell anyone.
  5. Expect I'll mostly be going to Fukushima, with the occasional visit elsewhere, as usual.
  6. It's tough. We took our pup via that ferry, which was the easy part. (Though would have been easier if our dog were trained to pee on pet sheets. Instead, she stubbornly held out until we disembarked and she found grass.) Finding hotels/lodges/pensions where we could stay with pet in tow was much more difficult. But you're visiting your in-laws, right? Surely they are not pet-haters?
  7. That mask looks like a kappa. (?) Lovely scenery. Can't help but picture it with (the soon to come) snow on it.
  8. You can -- there is a pet room with cages, which you can visit in the evening and morning, and let them out of the cage to walk around a bit inside the room. But the hotel issue once you arrived would be a problem.
  9. Wow, that's a lot of bad stuff in a short time. Hang in there, snowhuntress.
  10. I've always found Tokyo Kaijou honest and easy to work with, though have never really shopped around.
  11. Never seen it up close, but it looks pretty impressive from a distance. Just towers a ridiculous amount over anything around it.
  12. Grandeco and Marunuma Kogen got very light dustings, too. Seems perhaps a bit early this year?
  13. It's just the politics of dancing. The politics of oooh feeling good.
  14. Happy Nuclear Power Day, everyone! Hope it's a festive one for all.
  15. They probably don't care whether they make or lose money on the transaction, and are just trying to weaken the yen by buying foreign assets. I think that is one of the three arrows, isn't it? (The other two being surprise, fear, and ruthless efficiency... oh, wait.)
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