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  1. Didn't notice the date when I first saw that just now. Huh? was the initial thought!
  2. OK the other day I changed my 2 year old mobile for this Xperia one. Been playing with it for a few days now but I think it is awesome. I have never really liked the menus on the Docomo phones, always seemed clumsy and difficult to get a handle of. This is so easy to use, tons of useful stuff and having a blast checking out apps on the thing. I suspect it is similar to the iphone (?) in lots of ways, but it's a huge improvement over the usual docomo way of doing things. Big thumbs up
  3. Fairly new here and only just seen this. Great read and very interesting to hear some background. Keep up the really great work.
  4. Hey, SJ, I don't know how this works but can I put a report up on your Niseko Now page? It might be good to have an update up there now that we are into September.
  5. I'll be sleeping about you. I might say I'll be thinking about you, but...
  6. No I had the privelege of skiing and snowboarding in Aus. A bit of a come down being here, but you have to make do
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