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  1. About time we got this up and running. Keen to catch up with other SJers. Let us know where you will be. Seemore Rusutsu (don't know why its crap) 16th-29rd December Teine 30th- 3rd Rusutsu 4th- 14th January
  2. We have obviously thought about that, and done lots of thinking about lots of things here. Having taken everything that we know into account... we don't think it will. In fact, quite probably the opposite as we focus our energies more and move forward. We're doing this with the intention of improving things, not to sit back and take a long rest. Obviously that doesn't make us all feel more jolly about it all right at this very moment. A certain colleague of mine would very probably add "...and even if it did, then so be it" ( < meaning, "it's what we need to do"). Thanks. Yeah David it will be interesting although I know nothing about websites and if it has a negative effect you can always turn it back on
  3. Yeah same I have met some really great people from the forums. Good luck guys hope it doesn't have a negative effect on the website. I will still be checking the Daily Reports and other Ski Jo info
  4. Mag Seven, TB, Sapporo we should organise to catch up. Mag Seven definitely over Xmas. Surf Arthur small xover but have to get some turns in. And Mike yeah we should all arrange for a trip over to Kiroro or Racey
  5. That sounds terrible all that running around
  6. Hi I have been watching the Yen go down lately (allthough a bit late for me as I already changed my money) What is the history has it ever been $1AU to 100Yen And does anyone know why the Yen is devalueing I heard they are thinking of printing more money?
  7. Ippy you still wear wrist guards which ones I wear them while skating but haven't found any comfy enough under gloves
  8. Bummer can't save it with Torch browser
  9. These are probably the droids youre looking for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibmyOF8Q4UQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUvDykQUgMk&list=PLQeo4c-iaGS__wJggt-yTYOV5VABOYa4g Cheers Ippy I have those
  10. Before I waste 40 minutes of my life is anyone riding in deep pow or is it all rails and ramps?
  11. 95.7 is fantastic. When did you get that rate? Still available you just have to order the card and preload which can take awhile http://www.ozforex.com.au/personal/travel-card/rates-fees-charges
  12. AUD-JPY 89Cents at the moment. I have my OZForex Card loaded at 95.7 so nearly there but will take that The OZForex card is great
  13. The reason I got one was maneuverability to be able to turn fast I am a bit cautious riding steeps so should be able to turn fast and slow down if need. So yes Rucky that is my thought process
  14. Pete where you been? Working off shore? Are you doing your courses in Hakuba? Say hi to the crew is TJ still living the dream?
  15. It was too long to read but definitely Hakuba
  16. Yeah I thought so looks good though Snow in hokkaido on Monday could even reach 500m
  17. The only issue I can see is wearing it on the piste because you look like a tosser but if you intend to go where it may be needed check out this post http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/21258-getting-airbag-filled/page__st__20__p__508069__hl__backpacks__fromsearch__1#entry508069
  18. not sure some of the stuff is in Hokkaido but who knows


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