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  1. Originally Posted By: nzweebs
    arrive end of feb (have allready booked flights), 12 nights Hakuba riding the various fields,
    Followed by 4 days Nozawa,
    I am keen to book in a few weekends as I hear that accomodation can get booked out pretty easy

    I don't think there would be too many places in Hakuba COMPLETELY booked out in late February. You're options may be reduced, but you should be OK.
  2. Originally Posted By: Mamabear

    An avalanche has buried four ski patrol officers in western Japan.
    The four men are patrol staff at a ski resort and were checking a slope after reports of a snow slide.

    A government official says they were swept away and buried by an avalanche while on Mount Daisen in the western Japanese prefecture of Tottori.

    Sad news.

    Very sad news indeed.

    The fact that it was inbound on a shallow slope is a timely reminder that there is always a degree of risk in what we love doing.
  3. Originally Posted By: thursday
    Not naming places, but friends have booked some really pricey places.

    I was rather shocked when they said 150,000 for an apartment per NIGHT.

    I'm so glad to have booked 3man per night at my fav hotel.

    I stayed at a place in Niseko (not naming names) in 2008. Was planning to stay there again in 2009 but they hiked the prices by more than 50% (!!!) so I took the family to Hakuba instead. We prefer Hakuba so in future we're likely to be spending more time there than in Niseko.
  4. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain
    Best thing to do, if price is a concern, is to go around the shops and try on everything that you want. Think of it like window shopping. Once you've decided on the gear you should check out the rakuten website. Buying it online will save $$. If you are in Australia that won't really be an option though... what are you looking to get?

    Skis and ski boots for two people plus skis, ski boots and snowboard boots for another person. We were planning to buy the ski boots in Oz to ensure they're fitted properly. What is the fitting service like in Tokyo (for non-Japanese speakers)?
  5. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver
    Was just up in the Snow district of Tokyo today having a look around. Its in the Ochanomizu/Jimbocho/Kanda area of Tokyo. Accessed from all 3 stations, although I would say Ochanomizu station is the closest to the shops. Many large and small shops with loads of gear on offer.

    Are there any shops that you'd particularly recommend? How do prices and product range in Tokyo compare to Australia and Hakuba?
  6. Originally Posted By: Mamabear
    Originally Posted By: RobBright
    Originally Posted By: thursday
    how do you manage to walk the dog 3 times a day?

    once in the morning for an hour and twice in the evening for an hour.

    Goodness. You must have a dog that needs a lot of exercise, or else the poor dog is being dragged around the block.

    My pair have a fit if I take them for more than half an hour once a week - nature of the Greyhound though - less than a minute sprint once a week is enough thanks - then let me lay on the couch smile Literally - I took the male for a run and was gone for 45 minutes - we had to take him to the vet - he literally was having seizures. I ran him too hard! doh

    I go to the gym for me.
    I walk the dogs for the dogs.

    Mamabear, I hope that Papabear can manage more than a minute sprint once a week.
  7. Originally Posted By: thursday
    Don't think there are direct flights to Hokkaido fom Singapore. So best bet would be a Honshu resort from Tokyo.

    You may wish to read up on snow conditions for your intended time.

    This is good advice. I suggest you start with Hakuba. You'll get plenty of very good information. You can then check out other resorts if you wish.
  8. Generally speaking the snow conditions in Hakuba are great from mid December through until the end of March. You can ski outside this time (from the beginning of December through until early May sometimes), however the place starts to shut down well before May.


    The best place to stay depends on what you most value. If you value convenience to the nightlife and don't mind having to go by hotel/shuttle bus to and from the snow each day, then stay in Echoland.


    If you value convenience to the snow and don't mind catching a shuttle bus to the centre of town, then stay somewhere in the Wadano Forest area of Hakuba Happo close to one of the lifts (e.g. the Sakka quad lift). However, be a little careful as many of the hotels in the Wadano Forest area are quite a walk to the snow.


    I hope this helps.

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