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  1. Not quite sure yet but I want to get to Gumna and Niigata a lot this season.
  2. Yeah surely this ain't a thread for that kind of comment.
  3. A very bold move forward you have made indeed! Still exploring but very well done. Great to see such a move - will project a very positive message to the world about Japan/winter sports, I'm sure.
  4. I agree with that random comment. You can get some great deals even before the season here with new gear. Depends on how much they want the sale. I reckon lots of places will really want it.
  5. Pre ski buying porn. Don't you just love it. Apart from the fact that I want more than I can afford or use.
  6. I'm on for some new gear this winter and currently looking to see what might come available. Reckon the shops will be giving some decent discounted prices this time even if the stickers say no.
  7. My plan is not really a plan at the moment like others, other than to try and get out as much as possible this winter. A fair way off but excited that cooler temps are on their way.
  8. White Ladder by David Gray. Didn't like his later albums - too much wobbly head - but still quite like this first one.
  9. Sounds like a plan that, wouldn't mind doing something along those lines myself this time instead of my weekends and shorted trips. Lets see if the boss agrees!
  10. Not heard of that one. Can't believe FIFA 12 is near to release.
  11. Tell you what right royally pisses me off is when you spend money on a DVD box set and have to go through all this "piracy is stealing" bullshit at the beginning. Er, I BOUGHT IT!!!!! Very very misguided decision that. Almost makes you want to illegally download a version that doesn't have that bit tagged on to the front.
  12. Originally Posted By: DiGriz Could also head up to Manza & Kusatsu from there, or Sugadaira. 2 places I want to check out this time round. You know both well DiGriz?
  13. Hey, are tepco stiill sorry at all? Can't say I've seen or heard them being very sorry of late.........
  14. Just a bit hard. Wasn't the hardware getting pretty worn out as well?
  15. It is good. Had some of the white (silk) version last night.
  16. Originally Posted By: brit-gob David, I haven't seen any of it, but can I start moaning about the changes already? Not sure how much I would be able to help but would be happy to give it a go.
  17. Quote: Defending world champion Jorge Lorenzo and current championship leader Casey Stoner have confirmed that they will not take part in the Japanese Grand Prix in October. The earthquake and tsunami disaster in the country in March caused the race to be postponed until October 2. However, the Motegi circuit due to host the race lies just over 100km from the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant and both Lorenzo and Stoner refuse to race there. “I will not go and most riders have the same opinion,†said Stoner, the 2007 world champion. “That’s my opinion and I’ve had it for som
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