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  1. I think people coming new to the sport are being told basically that it's part of the setup. Thats what I was told when I was in the shop buying my first snowboard. (I'm sure wanting to sell more has something to do with it too!) Seems like a wise thing to do though.
  2. Was staying in France with some friends -snowboarding was an hours drive away so went for a couple of day.s Hooked.
  3. I'm learning too - having some lessons. It's a struggle but I just really want to be able to play. Wish I had learned when I was younger.
  4. Sorry I don't know much about Japan but, why? Whats the reason for doing that?
  5. Fergie should put out the kids. No question. Hull will be up for it to try and survive. We don't want an injury to one of our players. F the FA, they were the ones scheduling the games like this.
  6. Never looked at the rates before recently but can't believe it was so different just 1 year ago. Doesn't look like it has moved much for a few months now.
  7. 4 years ago went to France and had a few days boarding. Hooked, next season I was 2 weeks in Austria then last year in Switzerland. Japan looks great.
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