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  1. Just cloudy in Yuzawa today really fairly bright. 10cm or snow at Gala Yuzawa the previous night. Hard icy conditions under that thin new layer, pretty much gone by lunchtime.
  2. Still plenty of snow in Yuzawa by the looks. Round town it's just down to some mountains of pushed-aside snow here and there but on the mountain full cover still.
  3. Just on the way back from Gala Yuzawa at the moment. Had a few days in Tokyo and though I would check it out on the really cheap deal they have. Had a fun day. Just a bit of snow overnight, maybe 10cm at Gala. Good to have the new snow but of course not enough to cover up the skating icy conditions just below. It wasn't busy so the narrow-ish courses weren't any problem and I thought they were pretty good actually the kind of courses I like. Worth the effort I reckon. (Sorry didn't ake the camera!)
  4. Taking the plunge myself next winter. Up there for 6 days in late February.
  5. I am going up to Niseko this coming season and really looking forward to the mighty nighta. I have high expectations. I will be back to if they are not met.
  6. I got a PS3 the other week. Loving it. Think Home is a waste of time though.
  7. I was in Niseko for the first time last season and we stayed in Annupuri. Liked it there though obviously Hirafu was the place to go for nightlife etc. Loved Niseko though.
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