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  1. You may have trouble finding a school that will take a five year old for snowboarding lessons. They usually accept them from seven.
  2. or the one opposite K's denki in Kutchan
  3. How about Nango? They had a few pipes going on a few years back. http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/fukushima/nango/aizu-kogen-nango
  4. Resort Liner have a ticket for 3000yen from Niseko to Furano. Need to change buses at chitose airport.
  5. Thought you guys must have bought the place!
  6. several things went wrong here: (Edited it out Zerostar, thanks for pointing out, David)
  7. No king triple nighta at hirafu this season. Very disappointing.
  8. If it is on anywhere it would be shooters. Have fond memories of watching australia destroy india in the 2003 cricket world cup final there.
  9. Is this what you are looking for? 52500 yen with delivery. http://item.rakuten.co.jp/peachboys-tokyo/ax13ri0101-161/
  10. They don't call it the widowmaker for nothing! I guess they are also just a bit sensitive here after a US Sabre crashed in Okinawa... ...into a school killing 11 students..... after the pilot ejected.
  11. I wonder if the sharks are having the same kind of debate as this... 'Hey, they killed so-and-so, should we go and eat them all??'
  12. sounds like you may need to invest in one of these! http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=15736151 there are quite popular in Hokkaido. Would work well for the heat too.
  13. omigod that is hilarious! was only able to watch about half of it cause i can't hold back the laughter (at work)!!! a few of the people there look quite Japanese. I love the one where the people stayed on the lift after the people in front went down! and the one where the guy is hanging onto the lift for dear life!
  14. Seems to be a lot of cases of people swindling money out of old people. They are a bit more developed than the 'ore ore' cases from a few years ago. I heard one the other day where they ring up saying they are from the city office and they want to refund some health insurance money or something, send the person off to an ATM and tell them via the phone exactly which buttons to press. They follow the instructions then wonder why they are missing 1,000,000 yen...
  15. Yeah, the ドック is a dock that a ship goes to for inspection/repairs. Wonder who thought up that one. The one that upsets me the most is when they have a foreigner (baseball player, soccer coach etc) speaking Japanese on the news or something and they put it all in katakana. They are making the effort to say things in Japanese so they should at least treat it as so.
  16. how about the Japanese soccer commentators... how i want to slap them every single match no matter who the opposition is...
  17. and another is the weather. flights can occasionally get cancelled due to storms up north. but it's still gotta be worth it i think.
  18. yeah ratio is your upload to download ratio. upload twice as much as you download in terms of bytes and you have a ratio of 2.0.
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