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  1. Too much beer last night... and had to work all day today too. Ouch.
  2. Wow. I'm gutted. I've really enjoyed the community we had going here over the years. Productivity at work is surely going to go up. I'd be fine with my email going onto a contact list of some sort if anyone wants to get in touch. Many thanks to the SJ dudes for all the hard work. I'm going to miss you guys...
  3. Since I'm Canadian, I love stereotyping (see what I did there?) Seriously though, this is probably someone having fun or trolling with Craigslist.
  4. What they were showing were the more decorative/ornamental wooden bits that people pay a shitload of money for. It looked really beautiful, even if it doesn't add anything functional to the house. One Japanese show that I don't mind watching is the Before-After renovation show. The shitholes that some people live in are amazing... I get the feeling that they aren't the type of people who need/deserve to live in the really nice houses the show builds for them but oh well...
  5. Gorgeous day to have off here in Shizuoka. Sunny and warm (22C) all day. Spent the day in the garden and doing yard work (and drinking beer)
  6. Yeah, at least the games you guys lose are exciting to watch this season
  7. It was an interesting game. Wonder if we'll see Smalling again this season?
  8. United should be down to 9 men. That was surely a penalty just before the half!
  9. If it's the same thing I saw the houses were sugoi because of the wooden joints in traditional builds. Which are pretty sugoi in their own way. They certainly weren't talking about a sekisui or tama homes.
  10. We do chilies, beef stews and nabes throughout the winter here. Yummy!
  11. I think you can expect a mixed bag in Hakuba in February (especially towards the end of the month). There are always rain events at that time of year.
  12. Thanks Stemik, I suspected they hadn't implemented it yet but was too lazy to check.
  13. What's your budget? Season pass in Niseko is big big money compared to everywhere else. Also, is there a season pass for 'hakuba'? There are plenty of resorts in the Hakuba area. Personally, I think you'd be missing the point too if you spent all of your time in the park here. It's a good end of season thing to do but mid-season you'd lose a lot of time waiting for the resort staff to dig everything out.
  14. I'm pretty sure the icloud password is the same as the one for the itunes account/store. The iPhone 6 makes you sign up to iCloud as soon as you plug it into your computer. If you didn't use it before you need to make a new account. When I got my iPhone 6 it asked me to sign into iCloud, as well as change some iCloud settings, but it wasn't related to the backup I had saved on itunes.
  15. Welcome back Pete! Good to see you on the forums again. Good times this coming season!!
  16. Three points for Everton. Job done. Controversial second yellow for Ivanovic and an added time RVP equalizer. Exciting stuff.
  17. Ah shit! The clocks have gone back! Going to have to wait an extra hour for kickoff!
  18. Also, haha the shite. They look like they are in big trouble!
  19. West Ham seem to be playing a very different style from last season. Their signings have paid off big time too.
  20. Thanks, I'll have to check that out. I just got the iPhone 6 and started a new contract but I'm not sure if I'll continue with the same thing as before.
  21. GG, did you have to shop ladies tell you your usage or did you use some other way?
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