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  1. Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland - no snow here... just a lazy .5m surf break.
  2. What a depressing and scary thread... I've never thought to wear a helmet out skiing! I always assumed that it was kids, and really high risk taking boarders that wore them... I swear by helmets when i'm out on the bike though! 3 accidents, including a 4 week layup in hospital have taught me that a good quality bike helmet is worth every cent! Perhaps I should reconsider the helmet decision for the snow though! I guess it would also keep my head nice and warm at the same time! On the topic of keeping things warm... anyone ever used those little battery powered boot warme
  3. Awesome pics again MikePow! Looks like its going to get *cold* after this Thursday! I'm spotting double figure negatives on the SJ forecasts! Yay for snow!
  4. Mr Wiggles - I like your predictions of big falls on Christmas Eve! Is that based on anything technical... or just a general wish for a nice white Christmas present? Just deciding whether to get my hopes up or not
  5. Snowhunter- with you on that train of thought... it doesn't need to be perfect to be a great holiday! Plus... isn't it great when you are right there on the mountain, and you wake up in the morning not knowing whether it has snowed or not! No net access, no weather forecasting... just dreams of snow and anticipation when the sun comes up!
  6. Is previous performance really a true indicator of future performance anyway?!? I think we should all just focus on the positives, and maybe think back to the last time we didn't have 'perfect' conditions on the mountain! For me... I was in Niseko last Christmas and it only snowed I think once the entire week we were there... I still had a really great time exploring nice areas on the mountain, taking some really nice long trails down to Hanazono and just enjoying the long cruisy rides... We found some nice little patches of deepish snow through some areas under the hooded
  7. Originally Posted By: MikePow Originally Posted By: Rag-Doll Originally Posted By: MikePow NAB yes. CBA no. They were in town today. That's good to hear. Were they skiing or handing out money? Not exactly handing out money, but fielding applications to possibly hand out money at a later date. Loving that the financiers needed to visit the region to make their decision... i'm sure that they flew business class, and are currently on the mountain taking private all day lessons 'for the sake of better understanding the market' or something like that...
  8. Oooh, sorry! Huge apologies to all, and thanks to those that clarified my error! I was confusing New Chitose with Haneda! Last year, I clearly consumed a little bit too much Asahi on the flight to remember airports correctly!!! Just to confuse myself a little bit more... I did hear that there used to be a flight from Cairns direct to New Chitose (Sapporo) that ran through the peak season, but I think that Qantas may have pulled out of that route? As for the Jetstar option... haven't tried it myself! The guy that told me about it was a pilot for Qantas, and he suggested it as a
  9. Aaah... amatuer mistake to fly through New Chitose! If you ask really nicely, your travel agent should find the one flight from Brisbane per day that goes direct to Narita (not New Chitose), that flight then allows you to make the domestic connection from Narita to Sapporo! For reference, check out QF369 (Operated by Jalways) and then JL3047. Only 1 problem with this flight though... because it's a Qantas flight operated by Jalways, you can't use your Qantas Freqent Flyer points to upgrade to business class and get a bed on the overnight flight getting home I ask- whats
  10. My GF ended up with one of the infamous 'powder guides' from a private company last year as her stand in ski instructor for the week, he was apparently excellent! Being more of a magic carpet man myself... I just went with one of the big schools (NISS or NBSS or something like that) and took some group lessons from an Australian instructor. He was OK, but I think its a bit hit and miss with who you get... Perhaps some of the locals have advice on how to get a good instructor??
  11. Missed a question a few posts ago about Brisbane to Niseko and the ease of the trip... In short... 6:00am: Leave the house to go to the airport. 8:30am: Flight takes off. 4:45pm: Flight lands in Tokyo 6:30pm: Flight takes off from Tokyo (REALLY short international connection, but most of the flight is trying to make it, so they always delay the domestic flight and wait). 8:30pm: Flight lands in Narita. 9:30pm: Bus leaves the airport. 11:30 - 12:00pm: Bus arrives in Niseko, 50m from the hotel. So it is an 18 hour day... but most of it is spent watching movies and drinki
  12. Looking good! Glad to see that the rain has finally turned itself in to snow!! Only 3 weeks to go!
  13. A good Christmas Carol makes everyone feel better... plus in a couple of weeks it will be a white Christmas!!!
  14. If you take a look at the magic carpets height though, that's where i'm seeing our last glimmer of hope! They erected it about 50cm off the ground... so they are clearly expecting it to snow...
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