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  1. i bought some northface dual layer gloves (water and wind proof outer with seperate inner gloves) they have been great, lasted 3 years so far...havea few scuffs and marks from trees etc but are holding up well! colombia also sell really good gloves too...
  2. not sure if anyone will know this...but how long does it normally take to get from nagoya airport to the train station? my flight lands at 14.10 and want to get the train at 3 if possible.... maybe need to take a taxi?
  3. haha...well train sounds perfect then!! only 2 weeks to go!!
  4. i worked at lake louise in canada as a lifty, amazing how dumb some people can be on the lifts...suprising how many people cant understand that a quad lift is for 4 people#!
  5. thanks for the replies, are there any coaches/busses that run the same route? thanks again
  6. Hi, me and a friend are going to be boarding in Hakuba on the 23rd-27th Jan. We are flying into Nagoya so will be taking the train to Hakuba from there...however, I can't seem to find prices anywhere for the Chuo limited express train. Does anyone happen to know the price for the journey? Thanks Richard
  7. my prep is a bit of cycling and hiking, and watching a load of videos to keep excitement levels peaking!
  8. haha, yeah korean resorts are pretty bad! although i'm off to muju next week for laughs! last year i went to gala yuzawa which was nice for a day but small and not at all challenging... hakuba is looking pretty great, but which resorts there offer the best off piste boarding? 47 looks good on paper, but how about getting into trees etc? i have done a bit of reading about the resort itself but cant find much on getting off the groomed runs... also for 2 days is it worth getting half day passes and trying a few of the resorts? also lookin at nozawa onsen..seems to be a nice size and have r
  9. hi, me and 2 firends are going to japan for a long weekend snowboarding in late january. i have been looking a lot at shiga kogen and it looks awesome in terms of terrain - i love back country or challenging snowboarding and it seems shiga has the most variety (20 resorts). however reading a few things on here and other sites am wondering if its the place to go... accomodation seems expensive and limited and from what i have read it is quite family orientated. on the other hand, hakuba or nozawa seem to have decent hotels and nice towns, but the resorts dont seem to have as much variation?
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