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  1. Thanks for asking them on my behalf, much appreciated. Whilst I live in Ojiya Yamakoshi has been my daytime home for the last 11 months, a truly beautiful place. In winter many of my daily photographic spots become inaccesible due to the snow, hence my desire to get some snowshoes to reach them this winter. Last winter I used some traditional Japanese snowshoes, they really weren't designed for someone of 20 stones, but they helped to a degree! They got me where I wanted to get
  2. Thanks very much, I looked on that site earlier but couldn't find them. Cheers Mark
  3. Thanks for your help Sanjo and Muikabochi, I'd hoped they'd be fairly easy to locate around this area given all the snow! My days are spent in the mountains of Yamakoshi and I'm told the snow may well arrive on Wednesday.
  4. Thanks, unfortunately I tried without success to find any in Nagaoka last winter. I can get in Tokyo, just hoped I'd be able to get closer to home. Mark
  5. Hi I'm looking to buy a pair of MSR Denali Evo Ascent Snow Shoes. Can anyone give me details of anywhere in Yuzawa where they are available to buy? Many thanks in advance. Mark
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