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  1. I went for a surf the other day. It was really nice. About 4-6 foot. Sunny. Offshore. Only problem was the 6 other guys on the peak. I paddled out and asked, really politely mind you, if they could please go in because I hadn't had a good, uncrowded session for so long. Can you believe they ignored me and dropped in on me the whole session? Selfish bastards!
  2. Why don't you take your sleeping bag up the hill and stay in the hut on the Summit. Free accom. Great view. Fresh tracks. Might get a little chilly and admittedly a little short on amenities I 'spose.
  3. Looking at the webcams and snow forecast my new plans for 2010/2011 season are to purchase some grass skis and take the hill apart!
  4. Righto. Who's prepared to make a big call? ( I'm probably relying on the more statistically minded amongst you ) In all of winter , which week of which month is the historically the snowiest?
  5. Flown Air Asia quite a few times. Not too bad and good prices for sports equipment and excess luggage. Sale starts on their website tomorrow. Only runs for 3 days though. To the cynics, don't worry about it, pay your extra $1500 ignorance tax if you like.
  6. Just a heads up. AirAsia is launching flights from KL to Haneda. $37 each way! Just did the sums for a return flight to Tokyo from Perth including boards and baggage - $500. Check it out.
  7. So it appears white short sleeved shirts and black pants are all the rage for the gents this season. A fair call?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the first week of March is looking pretty sweet. Cold and plenty of white.
  9. If you ski deep powder ( as defined by Go Native ) , with no shirt on, is one to be described as "Going topless through the bottomless' ?
  10. Right. My two yen worth. This carry on about super rowdy nightlife is an exaggeration. Not sure how limited the experiences of some people have been but I love a good night out and the only time I would classify as 'rowdy' was Australia Day. You want rowdy - take yourself to Canada or Europe. Pet peeve - seasonal workers who think they are hot sh*t. But you get this at any ski resort. Snow - Sensational and plentiful but gets tracked out quickly. Locals - Fantastic, friendly. Always stay at a pension. Why so popular - close as you'll ever get to GUARANTEED quality sn
  11. I tend to get excited about apres ski by about 4pm and if I don't have an Asahi / Sapporo / Yebisu in hand by about 5 start getting very edgy. Therefore, approx 7 hrs.
  12. As we have the good Aussie expression , ' it was raining cats and dogs" how about 'it was snowing bears and monkeys out there today'
  13. My vote goes to 'Jizz' Then instead of 'snow groomers' we can have 'jizz moppers' !
  14. Has anyone out there seen how much it's been dumping at Mt Baker!!!! Holy smoke! 5m of goodness already in November. Strewth! A change of travel plans may be on the cards.
  15. Not sure mate, but highly recommend a day trip or two to Rusutsu if you haven't done one. I've ventured as far as a trip down to Goshiki Onsen, a few ridges over the back of Annupuri peak, but was chastised by some guides who whilst pretty happy with themselves were primarily concerned for mine and my friends wellbeing. Admittedly, was an expensive taxi back to Hirafu!
  16. Jynxx. Turtle yourself around a bit until you get the nose pointing downhill. Then sit your arse and weight as much over your back foot as you can, so you are basically sitting on your back boot. Only been left with the unclip and walk option once. Two hours in the back country in Rusutsu. Not much fun.
  17. Helmet with built in speakers. Nothing better than a charge through the trees, the park or off the Peak with some pumping tunes. I wore a Gath surfing a few times and agree it messes with your balance and perception, but have no such issue with a snowboarding helmet. I can't understand the downside except if it is particularly hot, which is generally not the case in Japan.
  18. Forecasts? Predictions? What we need around here is some certainty. Some guarantees. Some clarity. Number 1 certainty: There will be an absolute truckload more snow at Niseko than Perisher. If you can manage to have a good time at Perisher, you will be in damn near nirvana in Niseko. Number 2 certainty: You will not have to ski moguls if you choose not to. Number 3 certainty: According to the laws of diminishing marginal utility, you will only enjoy waist deep powder a tad more than knee deep and nip dip only a tad more than waist deep. Therefore, any powder at all (which I will
  19. Hey Crew Can anyone give me the low down on Kiroro? 5th trip to Niseko this year and wanna branch out. Been to Rusutsu a few times and heard some good things about the backcountry at Kiroro. Also, any other day trip recommendations from Niseko would be most appreciated.
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