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  1. Funny the gondola stuff. It is awesome up there though isn't it. Thanks muika, go next year too....with me.
  2. We expect in depth reports ippy. None of this headlines only approach, ok?
  3. Some people may not notice, but Mt Granview is one of the resorts in this weeks Giveaway http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/23610-snowjapan-giveaways-30-minamiuonuma-niigata-lift-tickets/
  4. Don't you just hate that. I have some Japanese friends who know me well and know that I don't like that stuff but still persist with that when we go out. I really gets annoying. And, I'm disappointed in them every time. In almost all other respects, they are fairly intelligent and bright. I can't work it out.
  5. The Legendary Mt Granview tops yet another list! I don't think there was any music at Chateau Shiozawa.
  6. Went over the hill to muikabochi country yesterday and spent half a day at Chateax Shiozawa with a few friends. I have posted a review here, so I won't repeat: http://www.snowjapan...ews/detail/1929 >>>>>>>> Looking south to Yuzawa Skiing down to Yoshisato base Looking over to Maiko Snow Resort Yoshisato base Yoshisato View from the top Minamiuonuma From half way down the top course. Yoshisato base off to the left, Ipponsugi to the right The top bit.
  7. It is in lots of places, down here too. Don't let the people selling let you believe otherwise!
  8. Is there ever a time of day when the views looking south are clear? Always seems to be hazy and I remember you mentioning that too muika.
  9. Is there an English version of that. I had a look and it was a nightmare to try and get around. Or that's what I thought in the 5 minutes I had a go.
  10. My friend got the Best of Keane cd and I put it on my computer. They may not be particularly exciting or gnarly but have done a lot of really good pop songs. I really like the second CD of 'b-sides' as well.
  11. Driving at LESS THAN 20KMH! on quiet open but narrow and windy country roads - but with kms of visibility and no-one else around - and not pulling over to let an aggitated me overtake. Blood boil time. I can't fathom why anyone would want to drive at 10-15kmh. It's just silly.
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