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  1. Was a mostly clear morning here but clouded over in the afternoon
  2. I like 80's style ski pants, on the ladies of course. Not so keen on the men.
  3. Regarding Eniwadake, I found this: このコース造成に際しては、オリンピック史 上初めて環境問題を考慮して、山の斜面の樹木伐採後、植林を行う条件が付 されました。 .....to which google says: During this course construction, in consideration of environmental issues for the first time on Olympic history, felling trees after the slope of the mountain, conditions for carrying out afforestation has been attached.
  4. The festival big main event was cancelled - bad weather meant that most of the special guests could not get here! And bad weather of course. A shame, if only we could have some clear weather on that day in the winter.
  5. I'm guessing yes, if they have some lifts open. It's probably on the ticket about some lifts might not operate due to weather etc.
  6. Was it you who know a family in Matsunoyama/Matsudai or something? Let us know if you are coming later, muika.
  7. Tokamachi Snow Festival this weekend. Would be nice if weather was clearer for it, but not likely.
  8. Tokyo getting snow often means that places that usually get lots... don't get lots.
  9. Thing is 40-60cm is not madly out of the ordinary for here anyway. Or it didn't used to be. It is this year though, so far.
  10. How much!? By the way, were you able to rebuild the apartment?
  11. Just a dusting here this morning. Better than rain anyway.
  12. Got all overcast now. My guess for muika is Naeba or Kagura or Mt Granview.
  13. Are you absolutely sure that you are just not being a pathetic racist, Chriselle, and a disgrace to your children's indigious ancestry? Please re-consider!
  14. don't know the timing, but I bet the people who we're hiking and over the ridge there got an even more amazing view,
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