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  1. Hey StubbZee, I have the same problem, except that I don't really look for work. I'll fly to Tokyo next Tuesday and go to Sapporo on the 25th. Then I will spend most of my time trying to find a room in a house/flat. I hope to stay in Niseko until end of April'09. When will you be in Niseko? We may can search together.
  2. Thanks for the helpful feedback! I figured that to fly to Japan over Germany would coast me around 150,000 Yen more than direct from New Zealand. Quite a bit to get work permission, I would say. On the other hand as wattiewatson sad that money would last only a month in Japan. To the area I would go snowboarding. Well many New Zealanders told my that Niseko/Sapporo would be the place to go. Mainly because of the tourists from overseas and therefore the need for English speaking workers. Not sure how true that is. Any idea how expensive these areas are? But since I'm interested in the
  3. My first post, what's up dudes! Well, I could really need some advise to make up my mind. So straight away here is what I struggle with. Last month I decide to go to Japan but I'm not sure with what Visa - a Work and Holiday Visa (WHV) or normal tourist one. The reason I struggle is that I'm from Germany and currently in New Zealand with a WHV. To get a WHV for Japan I have to go back to Germany because the Visa can only be issued by the Japanese embassy in Germany - stupid bureaucracy I know. The main reason for me to go to Japan is the whiteroom and many friendly Japanese people I
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