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  1. im not stupid, of course i know it's hard to tell. But hey, thanks. so much info about everything, everywhere. asking might give me some tips for ppl at the place, so i thought.. Kiroro, Asahidake or Kurodake looks like a better option I found out. All by myself. and thursday; Thanks :]
  2. talking about the end of the season now might be a downer. But. thinking about going skiing end of march to mid april. How was it last season, someone with the ability to look into the future that can tell me how it's going to be this winter? Last season it was lot of snow i niseko in march, if I remember it right? Sticky as ..! in Hakuba. and no new snow at all. Thanks
  3. as for the snowconditions, great now strong wind today, can't wait for tomorrow with hopefully not as strong winds, and good thing the top was closed today (sunday).. less ppl for the snow tomorrow. and by the way, what's the best way to get to Hakuba from here, flying sapporo - narita, then train nagano and bus the last bit looks like the best option.. or? (i have used the search function too so don't give me that) cheers. and for those that I haven't pm. sorry, but i can't. so gotta be otherway around.
  4. 9queens. I can't pm you. annupuri is a good place so that sounds good. my email is emilianorin@hotmail.com so just email me and we'll take it from there :] /Emilia and I'll be in Hakuba in march so.. (don't remember the name of the aussie above staying in hakuba) I'll be happy to join your small group of 30 :] where are you staying be the way? do i need more post to pm or what?
  5. well, yeah. a few of them out there. 70% of the ppl i niseko? and a lot at the bars!
  6. well, it's not so much offering a service. i have skied for a long time, but you can just dump me if im not good enough for ya and robbright, what does this and your allergy to australians got to do with each other?
  7. what, too late for santa? well, i guess red-blooked males are somewhat the same.. do i get presents too? :]
  8. Here I am in Niseko. staying at snowgumlodge and having a good time in the powder. but, the people i ski/board with has to work too.. So, anyone feel like meeting up for some skiing/boarding? :] I'll be here in niseko until the 28th of feb so I got some time. xx/xy/young/old/santa. i don't care :] as long as you ride.. /Emilia
  9. The shorter your skis are the easier it's going to be to handle, but if they get to short they could "dive" if you ride in more snow. If you are a beginner, go for say 5 cm shorter than you. If you want something for powder and you are a good skier, go as long as you dare (the longer the harder it's going to be to turn) If you like jibbing and playing around, your height or around should be good, since it's easy to spin around etc. That's what I think. The shorter the ski are the easier to turn and handle... than weight, and all that comes into the calculation. But since you are
  10. Well, if there isn't that big of a difference between last year and this year I can't see any reason not to save a few.. I was thinking of moving my diamir to them, but I kind of like my hiking skis. Hellbent for a hiking ski??
  11. well, hipsterandjane. Have you seen the cool grafic? haha, no really. I have skied K2 skis before and those that I have tried I liked. So now that I am looking for a powder ski, going for K2 felt like a good choice. And since I can't try them before I have been reading a lot instead and hellbent seem to be a pretty good ski. There isn't too many powder skis for girls that fat.. Hellbent is softer compared to (as an ex.) JJ. Creek Boy, would you say they are too fat? I guess it depends on what you want, since with this development on skis, i don't know, skiing is changing. for the better
  12. Hey. K2's hellbent 2007-2008 compared to 08-09, is there a big difference? What did they change? other then grafic.. softer, harder. Should you go for the new one or is the old one just as good, but cheaper And what about the sice, I'm 172 and would like a longer off-pist ski. But hellbent comes in 169 or 179, 179 looks like a good sice. But K2 skis are measured so that 179 are acctually 183-185 or something. I just don't know what sice I should go for. Ideas? comments?
  13. I don't think that skis for women now a days have to be designed all for girls, most of them are yes. I'll think they are a lot better now then two years ago though. And that companies have started to realise that there is a big market for womens skis, and stuff.. I guess im pretty strong, thats why im hesitating on buying a women ski. But I'll think Roxy's Broomstix is going to be a pretty good allround ski. I heard a lot of good things about the K2's Hellbent. They are going to be a bit softer then other powder skis, but as a girl.. Im not sure about the sice though.. Since Im 172
  14. around a year. will be back till next fall I think but i'll be home sometimes between too..
  15. So, time for new skis, maybe. Outgrew my old and got some inside price so I might just have to get two I'll like one pair that is more allround. Have anyone tried the Roxy, black magic? I heard they are great. I don't want them to be to soft either. I now ski on salomon teneighty, so much fun and a good allround ski I would say. But they are way to short now (I guess I grew some over the last three years) Liked my brothers K2 public enemy when I tried them. Should I go for a girl ski? I'm 172 and about 64 kg. My brother is trying to push me into buying a real powder sk
  16. I'll guess I have to update you then on my change of plans. Niskeo - Hakuba - Tokyo, Austria SA Texas ...
  17. The public enemy is fun :] took my brothers for a day, easy skis, easy to turn with and fun. we were skiing on a glacier and I had lot more fun with the k2s then with my salomon teneighty. But there was a lenght difference as well, my salomon was a lot shorter, you couldn't push them to hard (something my brothers experienced when the top dove into the snow. hum, not much for a review but at least something.. :]
  18. you do have a lot of questions :] but I guess that's what this forum is all about.
  19. same same, but different. Working now so I don't have to later. Japan - Austria - South Africa - Ecuador (might be a small change of place for the last part of the trip) not that you asked where Im going. But now you know and this all is very off topic but.. yeah
  20. pre-season would be.. working my butt off to get enough money for skiing so far so good.
  21. If I'm all booked up? yes.. and no.. too far away, well japan is not going to be any closer to sweden in my lifetime.. haha, sorry. that wasn't even funny. too tired, i'll blame it on that. I'll be in tokyo until the 6th jan from 31 dec, then niseko :] so you'll be in thailand from 28 dec?
  22. My dad got me into skiing, he was an instructor. Does that count as lessons? :] and then ski-school but when your that little it's a different kind of ski-school. all I remember is funny looking helmets and no fear.. turning was not my thing..
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