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  1. Furano is planning to open on Nov 21. That will depend on what snow mother nature can deliver this week.
  2. Originally Posted By: -30deg Alot has been said about ropes etc. Most Japanese ski areas start out with strict policies, and gradually relax over time. Furano was very strict about 3 years ago. Things have relaxed since then. Last season there were people to be seen everywhere through the trees. Just wanted to added a comment to this so there is no misunderstandings. While the ski area still says off piste is a no go, enforcement it would seem has been relaxed and off piste tours are being offered on Furano Ski Area by Hokkaido Powder Guides this coming season. Several runs are u
  3. In some ways the debate is irrelevant as both Niseko and Furnao are very very good destinations, both offer top quality snow, but each place has its own distinct atmosphere. Whichever place people go to I am sure they will enjoy thenmselves. A few notes about Furano: A little different from Niseko in that the ski area is actually in Furano City. You can walk from the lifts to the main part of the city in 20 minutes. The city has a vibrant bar/restaurant life. The restaurant are owned by locals and cater to locals, so you are getting the real deal. No Australianised menus and no infla
  4. Temp is down to -3. Thats why the roads are covered.
  5. It has been snowing in Furano all day. The precipitation has gotten more intense and temperatures have lowered. The roads are now covered.
  6. If you were starting off in Furano you can fly into Asahikawa Airport and then it is about 60 minutes on the bus to Furano. Alpine Backpackers as mentioned already are cheap and located just down from the lifts.
  7. Furano is a very popular resort for families. Easy access from Asahikawa Airpor of New Chitose Airport.
  8. Regular day trip bus services run from Furano to Kamui Ski Links and Tomamu Resort. There is also Asahidake which is a cable car running up the side of a volcano. Some Furano lift passes enable you to ski at Tomamu or Kamui for free.
  9. Well I can genuinly say it is around 30cm. Measured it in several places on the road and around my house with a tape measure.
  10. Changed mine last night. A 3 hour ordeal as car rolled forward, sliped off jack, jamming jack on 45 deg angle under car and 1 wheel also on 45 deg. This technique is not recommended. But sucha are the hazards of living on a hill. Anyway all done by darkness. Just as well as started dumping with snow in Furano after midnight. Still going almost 24 hours later. About 30 cm on the ground.
  11. I myself would not spend alot of extra money to rank up to the top model in bindings. The top models usually have extreme DIN settings for racing - not necessary for most people.
  12. Thanks for the help so far. You are right in ICI basically carring only carvers...a mystery given essentially they carry everyting in shop.
  13. Started snowing in the early hours of the morning. Continues to absolutely dump down. The snow flakes are just huge. Everything is blanketed in snow, roads are covered. Ground temperatures are cool and the snow is settling on the ground. The forecast is for snow, snow, snow. This is it...winter is here with a bang.
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