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  1. Central Tokyo. And it's damned hot.
  2. Hi there, I'm quite new here (so please be gentle) Last season was my first skiing and I was able to get out 6 times. Not got my own gear yet but hoping to and really getting into is next winter. I went to a few places - Kawaba and Marunuma in Gunma and Naeba in Niigata. The snow seemed really good (though I'm no expert) especially in Gunma. I was wondering, generally was last season a 'good one' for snow, average or how would you generally rate it? Thanks.
  3. funny. I haven't bought my own gear yet -plan to after summer- but would love to have a go at designing my own. Not keen on lots of the designs I saw in the shops last winter. Wouldn't be cheese though.
  4. I only started in January and kind of regret not making the effort earlier.
  5. Always thought it looked like fun but never got the start but last season my Japanese friends were planning a day out in Gunma and took me along which made starting easy. Loved it right from the beginning.
  6. First one for me was Kawaba in Gunma, my Japanese friends like the place and dragged me along!
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