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  1. I'll definitely prefer Shinkansen than flying. At least you don't have to transfer numerous time to get to Niseko and probably just take the same amount of time without the risk of traffic congestion or extended wait time. I wonder how will this affect the real estate market over at Kutchan once completed. I've been thinking of purchasing a place in Kutchan or Hirafu in the next couple of years as a resort home.
  2. I went the various mountains last winter season in Japan (Niseko / Shiga / Nozawa / Myoko / Naeba / Kagura ) and went to New Zealand Treble Cone and Cardrona in August. I will say Japan offers a better selection of runs and snow quality compared to New Zealand. Probably because I went to New Zealand at the later half of their season but what they consider powder (supposingly the highest amount of snowfall that season in Sept 1 2009) is not nearly on the same level as Niseko. Runs down there also tend to get icy very quick because of the strong wind. (The wind on top of Treble Cone was able
  3. I tried to edit my post but there's no option to do that. I also try to post a new topic in classified and also reply on an existing topic but it seems there's nothing popping up. Anyone have the same issue? thanks
  4. Thanks! I have send the details through the Contact Us section. Hope to see it up soon! Thanks again!
  5. Actually I tried that but not getting any responses
  6. Hi, I'm trying to make a new post in the classified section but there is no new topic button like the rest of the forum. I can't seem to PM moderators in regards to this too. Is there something I need to do in the configuration of the profile? Thanks!
  7. I see the Trice is going for 63000 yen (25% off of retail) on Rakuten. (+1000 yen for shipping) Price is a bit steep compare to the States but shipping from US already kills any deals from there. I usually don't buy new year model but this C2 tech is quite hard to resist. Seems like the perfect board for my type of riding and usually TRice get sold out quite quickly for my size (157cm) anyways by the end of season.
  8. That's It That's All for sure. Some insane jumps and big mountain riding + HD. Pure awesomeness.
  9. I like to go down to Jimbocho to browse gear. Price is a bit steep for the newer stuff so I turn to Rakuten for that after checking it out @ Jimbocho
  10. Hey TJ OZ, how much u pick up that Supermodel X for? I'm going to get myself a libtech Trice 157cm this year to replace my 08 Uninc puppy dog setup. Not sure if it's a wise decision though. Any takers for my 08 Uninc 158cm + Large 08 Uninc EST bindings?
  11. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Quote: That means I have to go boarding every weekend and stay at Hokkaido for 2-3 weeks. Poor you!!! I know. poor wallet...
  12. trying to get in 35 days - 45 days next year. That means I have to go boarding every weekend and stay at Hokkaido for 2-3 weeks. Going to be a tough but great goal to reach. This year I got in 23 days and it was quite tiring!
  13. Hi, Sorry, didn't end up going because I need to pick a friend up earlier than I expected. Wish I have a chance to go though. Now I'm going to Snova R246 for summer boarding. Can't wait till next season!
  14. Is there shuttle bus service available to Kagura this week? I heard the usual bus shuttle shuts down on 24th. I'm planning to go up there once more on 28th if I don't have to pay crazy amount for taxi ride. Thanks
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