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Lift tickets 2021-2022: ski lift ticket prices news



2021-2022 Season Lift Tickets


On this page we will be keeping an eye on the price of lift tickets for the 2021-2022 winter season.
As we proceed with checking and updating ski area information, we will make a note of some of the changes we notice re: lift ticket prices for the upcoming season.
Some ski areas offer cheaper tickets online via their official websites.
The below is for the 'normal'/on-the-day charges.
Details will be updated on each of the relevant ski area pages on the main website between now and December 2021.


  • This list is a work in progress. It is not complete or final, and it will be updated if and when we discover further details
  • We will provide as much correct information as we can find from local and/or official sources
  • Rumours will not be reported
  • All information is believed to be correct at the time of writing
  • Information may well change
  • Updates and edits to this page - and the ski area pages within the main site - will be made through December 2021
  • Please note that we are not a news organisation. We are just trying to bring you as much information as possible
  • There may well be other information out there that we are not aware of
  • Know any relevant information? Please let us know at editor@snowjapan.com



Rusutsu Resort
Price increase
A normal adult 1 day lift ticket is 200 yen more expensive.
A normal adult 6 hour (and other tickets) are 500 yen more expensive.

Sapporo Teine
Price increase
A normal adult 1 day lift ticket is 100 yen more expensive.
Other tickets are 200 yen more expensive.


Nagano Prefecture

Shiga Kogen
Price increase
All shared one day lift tickets are 400 yen more expensive this season.
A normal adult 1 day joint ticket is now 6000 yen.


Yamagata Prefecture

Zao Onsen
Price increase
A normal one day lift ticket is 500 yen more expensive this season.
5000 yen > 5500 yen











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