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2020-2021 Season: About our daily 'Now' reports & snow depth data



About our daily 'Now' reports

As the snow season fast approaches, we thought we would let you know where we stand with regards to our daily reporting.

Even with this year being as it is, we very much wanted SnowJapan to be updated as 'normal' as possible this winter. And we are largely happy for that to be happening, but unfortunately there are going to be a few daily reports that we are unable to update this season - for various '2020' reasons, including the old classic 'can't post a report without a reporter!'

The following daily report sections will be updated (and for the most part will be updated as usual)

Appi Kogen Now
Furano Now
Geto Kogen Now
Hakuba Now
Kiroro Now NEW
Madarao Now
Myoko Now
Niseko Now
Nozawa Onsen Now
Shiga Kogen Now
Yuzawa Now
Zao Now


The following reports will be taking a rest during the 2020-2021 season:

Aizu Bandai Now
Minakami Now
Naeba Now (but Naeba will be covered within the Yuzawa Now daily report)



A new Now report

Kiroro Now started from early December 2020

About snow depth data

The official snow depth data for ski areas around Japan is now updating


Updated January 2021



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Official snow depth data is now being updated each day, in all the relevant places within the site (ski area listings, Now reports)





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