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2019-2020: End of season message



I would like to add a few words to what our reporters have already said on our Now daily reports, which you can see here:


Please do have a look at their final comments from the season as each region is different.


The good people posting our daily reports really have done a wonderful job covering the season. It has not always been easy this year, but they kept going. Frustrated at times. Confused at times. Excited at times. But always with humour and the honesty and the balance that I want this website to stand for.

On behalf of myself and the many thousands of people reading the reports every day - thank you so much.


I have lived in Niigata Prefecture for nearly 30 years now and this winter was a first for me. It was even a first for local pensioners too!

Like everyone else, I am very much hoping that 2019-2020 will end up being a curious one-off and that we can all get back to seeing heavy snow next winter.

But this season has given me time to think and to re-evaluate some things.

It has even prompted me to go ahead with an idea that I had been thinking about for a long while.

I started SnowJapan a while after coming to Yuzawa in 1992, loving the snow, and getting into skiing. I remember that first winter and being totally blown away with the snow. It was incredible. I remember waking up in a morning, looking out of the window and actually laughing at how much snow had fallen overnight. It sometimes seemed a bit ridiculous! I skied on over 80 days that first season, mostly in the evenings.

This last season has made me realise that I have perhaps grown to take the heavy snowfall for granted a bit too much.

Until now we have just expected it… probably because we almost always get it.

Perhaps we shouldn't 'just expect it'.

Perhaps we should be adjusting expectations.

Whatever, I know that I am going to try to always remember to appreciate our precious beautiful snowfall.... however much we get.

And you never know, we might well go to the other extreme and get overloaded with snow next winter*..  


(* Complaints of 'too much snow' and the need for shovelling absolutely not allowed)


Thank you to our reporters and my colleagues involved in running the site.

Thank you for reading the reports/website.

Thank you to the people who have sent in comments, words of encouragement and helped spread the word about SnowJapan.

Our reporting will be back later in the year.

Hopefully the world will be in much better shape by then.

Wherever you are in the world, take care and stay safe,






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