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800+ new original map images on SnowJapan



Around this time last year, we decided that we wanted to have own original maps on SnowJapan. Since the beginning of 2019 we have been working on making it happen and at last we have been able to get them all online.

When we first started thinking about doing this, it was obvious that we needed to make various decisions. What to include. What to not include. What information was important. What important was less so. (Not to mention, what was possible to create!)

We won’t bore you with the details, but there is logic behind each of the decisions that we made and we feel that what we have created will be of real help to people wanting to learn about ski resorts in Japan.

In total we have created 818 maps and they are all to be found within the Snow Resorts section of the site:

There are 4 different kinds of map images:

Ski Resort location maps
502 maps
These small maps appear on each of the ski resort information pages within SnowJapan. Examples:

They show the following information:
- Location of the ski resort within the highlighted Prefecture
- The surrounding Prefectures
- The wider region of Japan

Prefecture Maps
32 maps
These maps are displayed on each of the prefecture listing pages within the site. Examples:

They show the following information:
- Location of the Prefecture within Japan
- Location of each of the ski resorts within that prefecture
- Some major city names
- The surrounding Prefectures

Town Maps
270 maps
These maps are displayed on each of the town listing pages within the site. Examples:

They show the following information:
- Location of the Prefecture within Japan
- The location of the town, highlighted in yellow
- All towns in the Prefecture that have one or more ski resorts
- The surrounding Prefectures

Popular area maps
14 maps
These maps are displayed on popular area/region listings within the site. Examples:

They show the following information:
- Location of the region
- Location of ski resorts in the region
- Major train lines, stations, expressways, roads and road exits
- Surrounding towns and Prefectures

These ‘popular areas’ are not strictly defined regions, tourism associations or anything like that. They are simply defined by us and we may add/change/adjust them at any time.

General Notes:

  • Over the many months of work we have put into this project, we have always tried to be as careful as possible. We want everything to be correct. However, there is of course always the chance of some small mistakes sneaking through. We will try to fix up any ourselves, but if you do find anything that you believe to be a mistake ---- please do get in touch and let us know! They are our original maps and we can easily edit and update them.
  • If you so wish, you are very welcome to link directly to any of our pages and do not need to ask for permission. (Please do that rather than try to copy our work!)
  • Googlemaps may not always appear on some of the listing pages, but they will always remain on the individual ‘Location’ and ‘Route Finder’ pages for each of the ski resorts.

Hope you like them!

We feel these images are a good addition to the site. We hope you like them and find them to be useful.





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