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Site updates: What we are up to until November



Good morning.

We thought we would update you on a few things as we head into early summer.

SnowJapan introduces information on every ski hill/resort throughout Japan – all 500 or so of them. That’s a lot of information.

Every year we check and update this information, and of course this year will be no different.

Ideally we would like to have information updated sooner than later. But unfortunately, most official ski resort information does not become confirmed/available until the autumn months. Some Japanese ski resorts don’t release their information for the winter until November - or in some cases even December!  Others drip-feed information over a period, making our updates complicated.

Please remember that SnowJapan.com is not a ski resort, and we are not official representatives or mouthpieces of ski resorts.
Our information is updated manually... by us.

Right now, the ski resort information currently shown on the pages of SnowJapan is mostly from the 2018-2019 season.

Over the next the next six months we will gradually be checking and updating the information for every ski resort around Japan. We want to do it properly and that takes a lot of time. Lots of this work will be done in the background (ie. offline) while some of it will be updated online.

We will do our best to concentrate on updating information for major ski resorts earlier in this process, though it doesn’t always work like that. So updates may seem rather random – that’s because it basically is; it is a manual process.

But don't worry - everything will be updated online in time for the 2019-2020 winter season.


Regarding planned ski resort opening dates:  

Opening dates for ski resorts are often very similar every year, so the dates from the 2018-2019 season can usually be taken as a good idea of what to expect for 2019-2020.


We are also working on some other updates for the site. Things to look forward to include new maps and lots of additional useful information. These things will appear later in the year, before the winter season. And of course our “Now” daily reporting will be back as the 2019-2020 season approaches. Look out for some signs of life in that section come November.


We'll continue to bring you independent and honest information direct from Japan. We’ll be continuing to filter out the increasing ‘noise’ and marketing messages that are out there.

If you would like to help us, one great way to do so is to simply let other people know about our website.


Thank you!



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  • SnowJapan Admin

Just a quick but very important update as we approach the end of September.

We are currently working on updating the information on SnowJapan.com.

There's a huge amount of work to do and most ski resorts will only begin releasing information as we enter October.

A few points to please keep in mind regarding our site updates:

* There are over 500 ski hills in Japan
* Our information is not updated automatically
* Our information is all updated manually
* We are (generally) not provided information from ski resorts - we gather and check information ourselves
* We are not some large team of people clocking in working like robots - rather, a few trusted people working with real care
* It is not possible for us to start these updates earlier, due to the fact that most ski resorts only release their information in the autumn months
* Our updated information appears gradually throughout October and November (ie. not all at once)

So, the process takes a lot of time. Realistically it will take us right through until December. However, you can expect most of the larger/major ski resort information to be updated by the end of October.

About ski resort opening dates:
I have mentioned this before, but ski resort opening dates every year are usually very similar. So if a particular ski resort planned to open on (for example) 20th December last year, they probably will be planning to open on a similar date this year. And then it's up to snowfall, of course.

About ski resort lift ticket prices:
As for lift ticket prices - with the increase in consumption tax from 8% to 10% from 1st October, expect many (most?) ski resorts to increase their lift tickets by a bit...

We're checking it all!


Winter is coming.  :)



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