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A mid-April update



So here we are in the second half of April. It both feels like it has been a long season, but at the same time it has gone really quickly.

Some interesting snowfall patterns this season. Many regions saw the snow stop falling sometime around the middle of February, but later on in March there was some decent snowfall in places as winter held on.

It looks like spring has now taken full control with warming temperatures and lots of clearer skies. But there is still some pretty good snow cover in some regions, considering the date.

Our Niseko, Hakuba, Nozawa and Yuzawa reports will continue to be updated every day until the end of Golden Week on Monday 6th May. Other reports for areas still open will be getting updated regularly until the lifts stop moving. Our daily reports can be found here:


During the season and in this late part of the season people have sent in comments and words of encouragement to us about our reports. Thank you for those.

We realise that things like daily weather and snow reports are never going to be 'perfect' but we do try our best to provide as much good honest info as we can and are glad that many people seem to find them useful. We plan to post a season 'wrap-up' on all of the Now reports at the end of Golden Week.

Over the next few months we will be busy continuing to work on 'new stuff' before next season.

In the meantime, keep an eye on those daily reports!





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