My SnowJapan

Introducing our Members section

On the new site, you log in to the ‘MySnowJapan’ members area using a SnowJapanForums username and password.

If you already have a SnowJapanForums account, simply click here to log in to MySnowJapan using your Forums username and password. If you had previously written Resort Reviews or uploaded Photos to SnowJapan, they should be there waiting for you. You can even edit them!

If you do not have a SnowJapanForums account and want to join, click here to register a new account. In an effort to avoid spam, new accounts need to be approved before they can be used, but we usually see to that quickly.

If you uploaded Photos to the old site but do not have a SnowJapanForums account, you’ll need to register a new account on the Forums and let us know - we can try to ‘link you up’ to your old content. Just inform us and we’ll try to get that done for you.

Transferring member accounts from the previous version of SnowJapan to the new site and then mapping them in with existing Forums members was a complex job. We did our best to get that done completely, but there may be some gaps. If you log in to the new site and cannot find your previous content , please contact us and we will do what we can to sort it out for you.

Please note that usernames and passwords from the old site (before January 2013) are now invalid and cannot be used.

What can I do when I am logged in?
Oh, all sorts of fun things! As well as use all the functionality of the SnowJapanForums - take part in discussions, create blogs, etc - you can also:

  Upload photos;
  Write Resort Reviews and Rate Resorts;
  Create lists of your favourite Resorts and Places to Stay;
  Save Route Finder Maps;
  Save Searches;
  Enter our lift ticket Giveaways

[Please note that some of the above features will be added in the near future]

It's all completely free.

You can read about our very simple and clear policies on your privacy here.