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Hoshino Resort Tomamu
星野リゾート トマム
Shimukappu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by hipsterandjane on 3rd February 2009
Hoshino Resort Tomamu review by hipsterandjane
This is a pretty surreal place. We had not planned on going there, but we ran into a well traveled Hokkaido skiier that called it the most underrated resort in Japan.

I won't go that far, but I definitely had a great time there. It is an over the top resort by all measures. Ice Bar, Wave Pool, 40 story hotels - over the top!

That being said I have never stayed on the 35th
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Rusutsu Resort
Rusutsu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 2nd February 2009
Rusutsu Resort review by emohawk
6 days straight of beautiful sunshine (one half day of fog on top) following on from overnight Japanese dustings (5-15cm per night) made for a fantastic skiing week for my family and I.

Third year running at Rusutsu, and those who say "not enough runs" evidently don't use the whole mountain. Groomed terrain immaculate (for the little we were on it), and tree skiing, while not the usual waist deep powder, still had enough of the soft stuff
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