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Nozawa Onsen
Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano
Submitted by freshy on 7th September 2015
Plenty of freshies in Nozawa
This was my third trip to Nozawa-Onsen in the last three years, and by far the best. Staying at the Maruji lodge was a fantastic experience along with how great the village atmosphere feels.

Snow conditions were great with 2 days of constant snow, followed by 2 clear blue sky days then finished off with another 3 days of snow, the powder skis were a necessity for when venturing off-piste and was the most fun I have had ever.

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Niseko Mountain Resort Grand Hirafu
Kutchan Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by powder rat on 16th July 2015
Tracked out in record time
I have been snowboarding in Niseko since 1999 and have spent the past 5 seasons (Jan & Feb) there.

The snowfall is amazing but so are the crowds. The point of chasing powder is to ride it when it is fresh and untracked....this is becoming increasingly difficult at all 4 Niseko united resorts and Moiwa. The crowds have stomped on every bit of untracked powder across all resorts by approximately 10.30am. After 5 seasons I know the resorts and the
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Ryuoo Ski Park
Yamanouchi Town, Nagano
Submitted by robobin on 5th June 2015
Probably better midweek
This was my second time visiting Ryuoo this year and I really wanted to enjoy the place but it has too many points against it to make it worth visiting.

The basic layout of the resort is a long line, from the carpark and base center it's quite far to the middle of the resort. In the morning all of the lift lines are long with people climbing up the mountain. And if you want to go to the top you
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White World Oze Iwakura
Katashina Village, Gunma
Submitted by NECK on 21st May 2015
Worth the extra drive time.
White World Oze Iwakura is a nice sized resort in Katshina Village, Gunma Prefecture. They have a nice variety of runs for both intermediate and advanced riders. There are also a few runs for beginners at the bottom, but I think the hill is more geared toward intermediate riders.

Though it is a little harder to get to from Tokyo than some of the other hills in Gunma and Yuzawa, I think that people who make the trip will not be
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Aizu Kogen Takahata
Minami Aizu Town, Fukushima
Submitted by Metabo Oyaji on 7th May 2015
Twin planks
Paid a visit to Aizu Kogen Takahata, a skier-only resort in Fukushima. I was curious about what a skier-only place would be like. What kind of secret goodies would be on tap?

Slinging my two planks over my shoulder, I employed bipedal locomotion over the squirrel-encrusted bridge from the parking lot to the base area.

There are 4 lifts, all fixed pair lifts, with one up from the base and the other three reachable from up there. There was a
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Zao Onsen
Yamagata City, Yamagata
Submitted by lee_suxiang_happy_ on 7th April 2015
Spectacular views
It was an amazing experience to snowboard amongst the ice monsters.

It was early February, and the ice monsters were reaching their peak.

I thoroughly enjoyed the view and snow
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Madarao Kogen
Iiyama City, Nagano
Submitted by Daniellho on 27th March 2015
Powder and trees
This was our 5th Japan trip. The resorts we have been to previously discourage tree skiing. Whilst there was also the potential for rope ducking, the treed terrain in most of the other Japanese resorts we felt were not worth offending the local management ... what is the point to duck ropes when the terrain in the trees was so gentle that one had to aim straight to risk getting stuck, or has poor fall-lines resulting in significant
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