Hotel Kojyokan (Minamiuonuma City, Niigata)

Hotel Kojyokan
Minamiuonuma City, Niigata

ホテル古城館 (新潟県 南魚沼市)


General Information

Name of accommodation: Hotel Kojyokan
Town: Minamiuonuma
Area: Minamiuonuma (Niigata)
Nearest ski lift: 600m
Type of accommodation: Hotel
Style of accommodation: Japanese
Guest rooms bedding: Both Western style beds and Japanese style futons available
Bathrooms: Some rooms have private bathroom
Toilets: Both Western and Japanese style
Meals available: Evening meal & breakfast
Number of rooms: 19 rooms
Capacity: 110 people
Smoking/Non-smoking: No smoking restrictions
English speaking ability: Yes, basic


Charge range classification: Budget Price
Comfort Price
Deluxe Price
Exclusive Price
Most common charge style: Room with evening meal and breakfast included (per person)
Payment: Cash
Price Detail:
With toilet Japanese style room
2 people in 1 room: 13080 yen
3 people in 1 room: 12000en
4 people in 1 room: 10920 yen
5 or more people 1 room 9840yen

With toilet Western style room
2 people in 1 room: 11460 yen
3 people in 1 room: 10380en

Nights before holidays – add 2160 yen
Rooms with private Bath/toilet – add 1080 yen

All charges per person, including service charge and consumption tax.

Accommodation facilities & more details

Tatami style rooms: Yes
Internet access: Yes
Type of internet access: Wi-fi available in some places
Internet connection charges: No
Pets Allowed: Yes, some restrictions
Onsen hot springs on accommodation: Yes
Ski Dry Room: Yes
Japanese/Western style meals (nabe, meat, fish) - good volumes for big appetites!

Japanese style set meal or buffet style.

Ishiuchi Maruyama Onsen (includes jetbath, shampoo, rinse, bodysoap, dryer) - open 14:00- 23:00, 6:00- 10:00.

Rental ski & snowboard, wear - carving skis and fun skis also available

Coffee lounge corner, game corner.


car By car
2km from Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC (Kanetsu Expressway)
6km from Yuzawa IC (Kanetsu Expressway)
National Route 17
Prefectural Road
Car parking:
train By train
1km from Ishiuchi Station (Joetsu Line)


Minamiuonuma City is located in Niigata Prefecture, just to the north of and adjoining Yuzawa Town.
We are just a 4 minute walk from the Ishiuchi station at the bottom of the slopes of the popular Ishiuchi Maruyama Resort, and convenient for that resort as well as GALA Yuzawa, Maiko Korakuen and all the resorts in the area.
If you get off at Echigo Yuzawa station, we can pick you up from there and bring you to our hotel (15 minutes). We can also pick you up from Ishiuchi station or some of the nearby resorts.

Special Offers

SnowJapan reader offers None currently available
Lift ticket discounts available None currently available

Comments from accommodation

Hotel Kojyokan is a sports resort hotel located near one of the most popular resorts (and in recent years) venue for international board park events) in Snow Country - Ishiuchi Maruyama. With an outside appearance of resembling a traditional Japanese castle, this year we also have a new facility - an outdoor onsen - that looks perfect on winter days as the snow falls! We hope to welcome you to enjoy a comfortable holiday at Hotel Kojyokan.

Contact Information:

Contact Name: Tadashi Abe
Telephone: 025-783-2219
Send Email:
Visit Website:
Online Booking: Click here
Address: Ishiuchi 1873, Minamiuonuma-shi, Niigata-ken, 949-6372

Resorts nearby:

Nearest ski lift: 600m

Ishiuchi Maruyama (0.80km)
Ishiuchi Hanaoka (0.90km)
Mt Granview (2.30km)
Maiko Snow Resort (3.50km)
GALA Yuzawa (5.10km)
Yuzawa Kogen (6.30km)
Joetsu Kokusai (6.70km)
Ipponsugi (6.80km)
NASPA Ski Garden (9.20km)
Iwappara (9.50km)
Kandatsu Kogen (10.30km)
Chateau Shiozawa (10.50km)
Yuzawa Park (11.10km)
Yuzawa Nakazato (11.90km)
Nakazato Snow Wood (12.50km)
Ludens Yuzawa (12.90km)
Kagura (15.10km)
Muica Snow Resort (15.70km)
Itsukamachi (18.40km)
Nakasato Kiyotsu (20.10km)
Muikamachi Hakkaisan (24.00km)
Naeba (28.60km)

Location Map:

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