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8:45am, 30th March 2015
Current weather conditions:
Sunny and clear
weather condition Precipitation:
Not snowing
precipitation condition
Temperature (base):
6C Wind conditions:
N 4-5m/s (Hirafu)
wind condition
Temperature (mountain top):


Another lovely spring morning today as we see more and more signs of the snow retreating certainly at village level and on lower areas of the mountain as well.

Tomorrow should see similar warm conditions but more cloud expected to cover the blue skies. Maybe a bit of rain in the evening. After that it looks like there'll be slightly colder conditions later on in the week.

The mountain should be open as planned today along with the gates.


Resort specific news as of 8:30am - subject to change during the day

Niseko Grand Hirafu:
Open as normal (all lifts apart from Ace Number 1, Ace Number 4, King Number 1 and 2).

Niseko Hanazono:
Open as normal.

Niseko Village:
Open as normal (all lifts apart from Country Road and Morino Chair).

Niseko Annupuri:
Open as normal (all lifts apart from Jumbo Number 3)


Niseko Avalanche Report

Niseko base 6am: 0C no snowfall, spring haze. Moiwa data n/a. Annupuri snowpack 320cm. Hirafu 1000m: SW8m/s, 0C. Peak data: NNE3.8m/s, -2.3C, misty. Coastal data: Benkei cape WSW2m/s, Kamui cape ENE4m/s, 1016hPa, 0.9m waves.

The mountain and the ocean is calm under a high-pressure system. The temperature will rise and avalanche hazard will rise accordingly in SE facing slopes above 800m. Most of the snowpack is sitting on bamboo grass in Niseko and makse climax slides occur easily in heavy snowdrift loaded slopes with temperature rise in spring. When it occurs at a steep slope, the debris will run on the surface of the lower grade slopes for a long distance in high speed, destroying all everything on its way. Those slides are very hard to predict, but can be avoided by not riding suspicious slopes and valley bottoms. Peak gates will open. Mountains are never 100% safe. Always be prudent and avoid hazardous places. Creeks are swollen with snowmelt runoff, be careful not to fall in. Moiwa gate no.6 will be removed as the quad lift operation ends. Have a nice spring day.


Official resort snow depths:

Grand Hirafu / Hanazono:
Top - 405cm
Base - 100cm

Niseko Village:
Top - 310cm
Base - 130cm

Niseko Annupuri:
Top - 340cm
Base - 150cm


Niseko Grand Hirafu 6 day weather and snow forecast


Niseko Hanazono - open daily until Monday April 6th
Niseko Village - open daily until Tuesday April 7th and then April 29th until May 6th
Niseko Annupuri - open daily until Wednesday May 6th
Niseko Grand Hirafu - open daily until Wednesday May 6th

Niseko Now ski lift operation notes:

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Observed snowfall in the last 14 days

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Photo 2

Observed snowfall in this season

Report Current Season Monthly Observed Snowfall
7 Days
Mar 2015 14-15
So far
Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Niseko Now
30th March 2015, 8:45 AM
26cm 139cm 1141cm 2014/2015 season
- -
2013/2014 season

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Niseko Mountain Resort Grand Hirafu
Observed snowfall* 0cm
Official snow depth 405cm
Previous day 410cm

Observed Japan snowfall graphs and tables – please be sure to read this page for more information on the data.

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